Kolie Moore's FTP test protocol

Ok, they’re all rebuilt (and hopefully working!) at:


P.S: I guess Adaptive Training isn’t a fan!


Thanks! Crash happened to me too, but didn’t make the link with the workout, as they used to work perfectly before.

Wow, thanks @alexgold123! I just did a quick test of the baseline workout on the same device that crashed yesterday, and it made it through the 13:00 mark without a problem. I also heard back from TR support that they are aware of some issues with the new app and custom workouts, which they hope to address in an update in the very near future.

So I guess my plan to defer future FTP assessments vaporized in less than 24 hours.

Riding at your FTP for an hour?! Completely unheard off :slight_smile: but on the otherhand it is over ftp test so with proper ftp it is not doable when you think about it.


Indeed, I’d have some questions if someone told me to ride at over FTP for 80 minutes then sprint at the end :smiley:

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Let’s call it “a stretch” workout :wink:

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maybe if its a TR workout? Pretty easy to find (without looking at 40K TT Specialty plan):

It will be because its designed to go over your FTP and your TTE. AT doesn’t know you’re not meant to complete it. Bet they had to exclude the ramp test from AT’s considerations too.

:man_shrugging: Dardenelles +1 goes over FTP and might exceed your TTE. Right now AT is designed around progressions.

He could have written “practice 40k TT and go as far as you can” instead of progression 2 and progression 3.

Dardanelles +1 is rated ‘threshold, 8.8/10’

It’s still 'not recommended but I’ve worked out the reason why - nothing is recommended at the moment as it’s got me rated a 1 for everything. Whether that’s because I haven’t done a workout since signing up for AT or because I haven’t done a stock TR workout for months, I don’t know…

I figured this out eventually n

The 1 second gaps appear when you drag and drop new intervals into the workout creator and they split an existing interval rather than snap into place at the end - very bad UI design but that’s another story.

You can select an interval and press left and right arrow keys to select the culprit 1s interval and then delete it. ie you could press left on the above 20min interval and then delete the micro interval before it. But I see you have recreated them now - thanks


I’ll forgo the total breakdown this time, and just give the cliff notes.

Went ahead and did Progression 1 at the end of a six week hybrid base-into build phase. Had been training at 333, with a TTE of basically 1 hour. Felt like it was going well, had been putting in hours while I still can (15-17 hr/wk) before work ramps up.

Result was me heaving over my handlebars at minute 40 after putting out 340 for the duration. Never was able to feel out my FTP, the correct cadence/gearing just kept eluding me. Overall, the feeling during the entirety was of gutting it out – which was not my experience the first time. I’m going to train with FTP set a touch below 340 (336ish), as I think it may have been an ever so slightly supra-threshold effort by the feeling of it. Don’t know if thats the right call…but we’ll see how a proper build phase goes off it.

Fueling/Sleep etc was all good, only possible variance was I got my first Pfizer shot last Wednesday, during a rest week. Anyways, test didn’t result in as much fist pumping as the first one. Wasn’t bad, just unsatisfying? Too much ego involved probably! Just need to accept I overshot on my Target FTP for the test by a couple watts probably, and move on with more training.

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How are you getting your FTP?

I’m using my mFTP as calculated in WK05 after doing all the initial time tests.

I’m just starting an intensive phase. Did a 4 x 10, now onto my 4x 10 > 6 x 10 > 5 x 12 > 4 x 15 > …

I don’t have access to WKO5 currently, and I’m just in the beginnings of using these protocols to determine FTP. My final choice of 336 as what I’ll use is completely unspecific and without hard proof behind it, but is based on the idea that at 333 I was completing workouts satisfactorily, and at 340 I had combination of supra-threshold physiological sensations and a short TTE for the test. So I figure that I’ll go with a happy middle ground and see how it goes.

My next cycle is going to be straightforward SS progression for base into threshold interval progressions – so I’ll be interested to hear how your progression goes! I’m not racing this year so I’m just floating between base and build cycles, more or less.

I don’t think you need wko to determine ftp from these tests. Just use anything that shows you the power-duration curve in eough detail (TR or intervals.icu will do), and look for the point where power starts to drop more sharply (probably close to 40min for you now).

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That is a good point – the problem for this situation, I believe, is that I’m at a point where trying to get further granularity on my exact FTP is difficult (and potentially not very productive). My power-duration curve right now is fairly flat for 30-70 minutes, going from 344 down to 332. I don’t have enough max (or near max) efforts in that time frame to give major inflection points. As you say, at 40 minutes it is 340, and then at 50 its 336. at 60 333, and 332 at 70.

If I were to try and be more specific, I think being able to provide more data points (either through additional testing or workouts tailored to give that feedback) would help clear this up and make a clearer inflection point.

But I also think that while I have a tendency to want an “exact” number, that isn’t necessarily possible or productive – I’d rather just get on with training at a reasonable estimate and see how it goes! And we’ll see how the next rendition goes, and the watts and TTE is reveals then.

What powermeter are you using? The good ones are around 1% and can be as high as 2%, so you’re within the margin of measurement error.

As @splash pointed out, the inflection point is what WK05 puts it at. Once you see it a few times you can pick it out of most power curves.

Chatting with @RONDAL about this, I did a TR Ramp Test initially, and used that FTP and did a TTE test, and set the rest of my curve. My mFTP was a few within the TR ramp test, but even in just a week’s time I’ve been able to move my TTE out a few minutes.

Help a brother out. I tried but can’t get through the 1000 posts on this ftp test. So I drop my questions first then context

Is there a Progression 1 and/or Progression 2 workout available I can do within TR?

I’m assuming from what I did read, first 150 posts, I ride it in Erg mode

Do I need to do analysis, math is hard, or by setting my target is there a point I know my new ftp?

What else do I need to know going in?

Tried the ramp test again this week starting Specialty for gravel races in June. Again I sucked just as I bumped just above 300 watts. I left my ftp at 235. I can roll sweet spot at that ftp. This week I rode Diamond Valley +2, 115 % of ftp without much trouble. Once I hit 120% I start to struggle and blow up pretty quick.

I’m thinking of a 250 ftp target.

We’re in winter part 3 this week so I think I’m inside so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try something new. Thanks in advance for help.

Think of the higher progressions as a 40km time trial except you might stop early at say 50 minutes or go a little longer at 70 minutes.

So another way of approaching this, IMHO, is to do the Joe Friel 30-minute time trial.

Erg is discouraged, however you can join a team and use a workout that someone made available:

Team Gold workouts: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/teams/1628-team-gold/workouts

Team Hour of Power FTP Challenge workouts has some alternatives: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/teams/10133-hour-of-power-ftp-challenge/workouts

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