Kolie Moore FTP test - Did I do it right?

Having done a ramp test a few weeks ago that gave me an FTP that made every single workout undoable. I decided to try a Kolie Moore FTP test. I’ve posted previously on how to complete it, but just wanted to check that I’d done it right and that I have the FTP estimate correct.

I used Resistance mode and have to play around with that to get to a % where I could sustain 200w or so at a workable cadence.

I found that at 2 points during the ramp I had to change gear as I couldn’t get the cadence high enough to keep power. I stuck to a cadence in the 85-98 range.

I think that the test has estimate my FTP at 220. I had to lower the intensity as well during the ramp, but I think that’s OK.

Here’s my link

I guess I just want reassurance that I’ve got the FTP right and that I was OK to change gears twice during the ramp and it wouldn’t have affected the result. I rode until I couldn’t go anymore and so just stopped the test.

Many thanks for your help. I do think that the FTP is far more realistic than the ramp test gave me.

Personally I like the idea of going a little longer than that to give a better reflection of FTP but that’s just the way I do things. Either way though, it’s just a guide to give you some numbers to train from.
You performed the test correctly though as KM provides a few different ways to estimate FTP and I actually like the method you’ve chosen. There’s no harm in changing gears either.

Did TR set your FTP @ 221 watts because if that’s the case both of those tests have given you a similar figure and if you’re already struggling to nail the workouts then it might be worth while reducing that number or looking further into why you’re failing the workouts.

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Many thanks for that confirmation that I did it right :+1:t2: The ramp test a few weeks ago gave me an FTP of 230 but I estimated it to be 220/1 based on what I was achieving workout wise. I was hoping this Kolie Moore would confirm the 220/1 figure :blush:


What I find strange that most people end up a TTE around 40’ and in Your case 35 minutes.
Of I ready correctly, the KM test is very helpfull when having a ballpark FTP number in mind.

For me a well performed FTP test, when you are rested is around 60 minutes (at least 50’). This will make that doing FTP interval training in a “fatigued” state is effective and doable

Using an FTP number which you can hold 35’ when rested wil give you FTP WO which will be very tough…


This was the first time I’d tried this test - I’m sure I could go for longer now I have a better expectation.

Why is resistance recommended over ERG? I felt that my HR was higher with the resistance setting and do prefer to use ERG. What difference would ERG make?

Up till this year, i did all workouts in ERG but switched to free ride in zwift. It learns you to pace and you really have to push mentally. I like it more because it ressembles more Riding on the road