Kolie Moore's FTP test protocol

Of course the relationship between FTP and Pmax changes. Bernal can put out 6 w/kg for over an hour but probably can’t sprint much higher than 10-12 w/kg. Track guys can do 10 w/kg for 60s but don’t crack 4 w/kg for 60min.

Both are dependent on genetic predisposition. Both are based on what training you do. The genetics and training to be good at one generally rob the other.

Two things. WKO5 adds some small noise to TTE because apparently it’s a highly sensitive output that could give away their algorithm. Secondly, I believe KM mentioned on the podcast it usually underestimates without truly maximal looooong efforts, like 2h+ IIRC.

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That is what I assumed too. I know the ratio can vary widely between individuals, but I wasn’t sure to what extent it would be altered by training (e.g. an FTP block) for one person.

I’ve been able to do ~1000w from, basically, day 1. My FTP has gone up over 50% since I’ve started and it’s not unreasonable to think it could double eventually. If I could double my pmax… I would be thrilled.

MAP is far more closely related to FTP than to sprint power.