Kickr v5 on Bluetooth - standard mode gone?

Hi all,

I’m going to email support, but I’m just wondering if any other Kickr v5 users have noticed this in the past few days? I’m not sure if it’s due to a Kickr firmware update or the latest TR version on Windows - which added DirectConnect support - but now Standard Mode is gone :frowning:

I saw there was a thread quite awhile ago when it was removed when connecting via ANT+ (Standard Mode gone?), but I’m connecting via BT and it’s been working perfectly until the past few days.

I tried using the (non-beta) Android app too and it’s the same there.

Anyone else? So annoying…

We’re looking into this now. Sorry for the trouble, hold tight!

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Thanks Ivy :slight_smile: I haven’t had a response after providing more info to support - but I was hoping that’s because it is being investigated! Good to hear it is. Cheers.

I checked in with the support team and we’re doing some digging about KICKR standards / how TR communicates to it before we are SURE on how to help. Stay tuned!

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This just happened for me today, standard is gone :frowning:

Fingers crossed there is a simple fix.

Hi, you can see this other thread for more info: Missing Standard mode after upgrading software - #5 by Hostilemonk

I’m not sure of the latest status of this issue, I’m still running my downgraded version of the Kickr firmware and haven’t had any need to upgrade to see if it’s still occurring. I also haven’t had any further update from support.