Ant+ pairing problems this week

I posted this on facebook but didn’t get much of a response. My question is about ant+ pairing problems this week on Windows 10.

Yesterday my wife’s windows 10 computer wouldn’t pair at all with ant+ or Bluetooth, mine would but cuts in and out. Both of our iPhones work perfect with our kickrs. Wifi connection is not an issue. Could it be a update issue with trainerroad?

Also this week my kickr is reading about 30w lower then it normal @ 250w. in the past it matches my quarq pretty close. I tested it againest 2 different quarqs so i know it’s the kickr ready low. not sure if this could be a trainerroad issue or not? i did a spindown cold and warmed up, nothing changed. tonight i’ll see if there is a firmware update and possibly do an advanced spindown to see if that will help

You are not alone:

There are also similar comments within other discussions.

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thanks, i looked but didn’t see all of that. hopefully they can get it corrected soon. i’ve talked with lots of friends i ride with and they are having similar issues. it’s not good, actually makes it unusable if you are using a computer

Yeah, I got lucky and have been using BLE on my phone lately, so I side-stepped the whole issue by coincidence.


Ant+ has had issues for a while now, it has just gotten worse lately and I’m tired of dealing with it. This morning I ordered 2 more apple tv’s (used on ebay) for our trainer room, one for netflex and now we each have one for screen pairing.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to jump in here and let you know that we’re aware of a number of issues currently facing the Wahoo KICKR when paired over ANT+.

While we don’t have an immediate fix for everyone affected, our Engineering Team is working on solutions, and we’re also in touch with Wahoo.

If you’re a KICKR user pairing to a Windows machine, it’s probably best (for now & if possible) to use a mobile device if you’d like to ensure the smoothest experience.

We’re really sorry about the hassle here, but rest assured we’re aware and working on solutions!


Is it a Wahoo issue, a TR issue or one caused by the ant+ protocol.

It is not quite as easy as all that to use a mobile. Firstly the screen is too small for many to view and a mount is required.

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thanks, good to know it actually is a problem and not on my side


My impression is that it has to be a TR issue. My ANT+ connection had been rock solid until the past week. I do not allow WIN10 updates and my Kickr firmware has not been (intentionally) updated in ~2 years.

edit: Mine is a 2016 Kickr.

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We’re still investigating the root-cause of the issues, so it’s a bit too early to say.

I can definitely empathize if it’s not convenient to switch over to mobile. :confused: Hopefully, we’ll have everything sorted out soon though.

I would like to remind everyone that if you’re on a first-gen KICKR, there’s a chance you’re experiencing a problem we DO have an immediate solution to! (Spoiler alert, it’s updating some firmware!) Check out the post here for more information.

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Just to kick in here (although probably it is not related). I’ve had some issues lately with ant+ on my Galaxy S8 connected to a Tacx Neo.

It worked all fine until about a week ago from which point on I’ve had difficulties connecting but also some dropouts in the middle of workouts. Changing to bluetooth solved the issue but only when no other device was connected.

I have to say that I also updated my Galaxy S8 to Android 9 Pie so maybe the issue is there. As since then also the app does not show planned workouts when starting up but only after pressing the today button.

Maybe someone has the same issues and can help. Thanks.

I’ve been using a Samsung S4 over ANT, and that has drop outs and oddness when i’m using it.

I’ve been using a Nokia 6.1 (Android Pie) over Bluetooth and that has been rock solid so far, so i’m going to stick to that until the ANT+ problem in general is fixed. Annoying though, my PM is ANT+ only and the Nokia doesn’t support it :frowning:

Is there a legacy version of TR we can use until there is some sort of fix? The constant drop-outs are overwhelming, considering my kickr/ant+/win10 setup has been rock solid since…forever :confused:

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I’ve had the same issues with my Samsung A8, i check devices before the workout and all 3 are paired but then they seem to disconnect and try to reconnect over and over. If i switch to my laptop there are no issues. Even more frustrating is that some times the app works fine and others not at all. I called support but not much can be done really. I’m using a dumb trainer so no issues there.

Yesterday’s ride was flawless! HP Windows 10 laptop w/ BlueGiga BLED112 dongle paired with Kickr and Quarq DZero (cadence only), zero dropouts. And after a spindown on my kickr and recalibrated Quarq both are back to reading within 5w! Similar results with my wife’s ride yesterday. All is good!


Hi All!

I posted this earlier, in another thread, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who needs this information sees it!