TrainerRoad desktop Bluetooth issues

Hi there

I love TrainerRoad, and use it all the time via Bluetooth on my laptop. I noticed there have been several updates to the desktop app recently - since which I’ve been suffering dropouts during rides and issues pairing my devices. Does anyone know if the Bluetooth/wireless code has been updated?

I’ve tried both my laptop’s built in Bluetooth and an ANT+ dongle and neither are working. When I try and pair my devices before a ride, often it will refuse to connect (just says pairing for a while) and then all devices disappear and it says Bluetooth is not available or turned off. I have to restart the app to fix it. I use a Bluetooth mouse and Xbox gamepad on my laptop and these work absolutely fine. My devices connect to my phone fine, too, which seems to narrow the problem down to the TR app itself.

If I do manage to pair my devices, there are lengthy drop outs every few minutes in the ride basically making it unusable. I’m very confident it’s not a wireless signal problem, as I’ve never had any drop outs before and my laptop and trainer are less than two meters apart.

Before the last few days I’ve never experienced any drop outs, ever.


Hey! Sorry for the trouble, I’d definitely reach out to the team at so they can take a look at your internal ride logs, what’s causing those dropouts, and help mitigate them! Feel free to check in with them, they’re pros at device connectivity. :sunglasses:

Thanks - I sent support an email and they managed to tell me how to fix it right away. First time I’ve needed support and JJ Zhou was fantastic :slight_smile:

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