Kickr v5 firmware

New firmware is out

Added: Improved stability of power accuracy at high flywheel speeds

I know there have been talks in some threads about not being in the small ring so this might help them. Don’t see anything for older trainers


I haven’t been able to upgrade the v5 firmware for a long time because TR have an open bug about Standard mode disappearing in the Windows app when connected via Bluetooth. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for a fix.

There are a few workarounds - using Android (but I don’t want to use my small phone screen), or connecting via ANT+ (but I find my best combo for reliability is Assiomas via ANT+ and Kickr via BT). So I’m just waiting, waiting…

I use a v5 with windows - I’m not aware of this bug :man_shrugging:

What do you mean by “standard mode disappearing”?

Only shows ERG or Resistance as options. It’s possibly fixed, though last time I checked with support in November I was told:

“Our apologies, but the fix has not been deployed yet and the recommendation would still be to use the older version of the firmware in order for Standard Mode to appear in the Windows App.”

If you’re on the latest firmware and connecting via Bluetooth, let me know and I might give the upgrade a try. I can always downgrade again if I need to.

Ahhh… I’m not a “standard mode” user so won’t have noticed.

I believe that some apps allow you to choose to connect via FTMS or BLE - maybe TR could implement something like that?

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Ah that explains it. I find Standard much better than Resistance, so I really missed it.

Yes it was to do with FTMS and they said the Android app had a workaround they implemented by doing another BLE connection in the background, just like what you’re saying. It just hasn’t been ported to Windows yet apparently :slight_smile: