Kickr problems while free-wheeling

I still do. I bought a lot of them. Email me at and I can send some to you.

Thanks Michael_R! Sleeve/Shim worked like a charm. Wahoo Kickr is back up and running without ghost pedaling, and I think that I got back a couple of watts.

Great to hear!! Who knew all that was needed to increase your ftp was a simple sleeve haha!

I’ve got a kickr 17 gen 3 model and from what I can tell it only has one shim. I’m pretty sure it is toast though, as it has discoloration and the freehub wobbles/makes obnoxious noises.

My question is, do you @Michael_R or anyone else know if the 14 shims would work in the 17 model? I can measure mine, but it will not be the same measurement as new, and I don’t know how much has been worn down over time…


I have the same problem with the cassette binding and the pedals just moving forward. Does anybody have the dimensions of the correct shim for a 17 KICKR? Its only one shim on the inside of the cassette body.

What I did was back off the lock nut just alitlle. Release a little preload so to say. Like if you were adjust cup and cone bearing. I get no drag and nothing has moved but would like to have it put together correctly. I dont get anymore binding and maybe 1mm of play in the cassette bot to the intrnal ring for the paws. It won’t come apart but’?

I like my stuff to be correct and proper.


Do these parts inside a Kickr need regular cleaning and lube?

Hi Michael - i’m unfortunately in the same boat as you and others, and finding that Wahoo won’t let me/don’t have any of these available no matter how much I ask! Do you have any of them available?
Best, Charles

Bummer! I hate that they won’t replace them. I do have many available and can help you out.

Feel free to email me at and I can send them out to you. I’ve been just selling them at cost $15 + shipping

FWIW, I just used these from ebay:

The inner is 12 mm rather than 11.5, and you might have to adjust your rd accordingly, but mine worked like a charm. Its not clear from the image, but you can select size when ordering.

different Kikr issue here, but I thought I would share my experience to save anyone else the hassle. We had a huge cold snap here in Texas last Sunday, so I decided to skip my usual outdoor long ride and do the scheduled 2 hour TR ride indoors. Loaded the TR workout, got on the Kikr and started pedaling. There was no resistance, and no watts being displayed on the app. Unplugged the Kikr, plugged back in, no change. Re-paired everything, no change. Spin down calibration registered, but still no resistance when starting the workout. Deleted and re-installed the app. No change. Did 2 hours on the rollers whilst watching John Wick. Started researching on line and found a thread with a bunch of entries from Dec '23 with same issue. Looked for my receipt (Feb '21 purchase from REI) but couldn’t find it. Had to call REI, and realized I had ordered it under ex girl friend’s account. Found it and took a screen shot, which did not have my name or address on it. Contacted Wahoo Monday morning (on line chat), explained the issue and gave them serial number and screen shot. They immediately emailed a FedEx label to return the unit. Shipped it Tuesday, they shipped replacement Thursday (probably a factory re-furb), which will arrive today (Friday). Gotta say I was impressed with the customer service. No questions asked and a 5 day turn around start to finish. Issue is apparently a bad speed sensor, and Wahoo is taking full responsibility, even for a 3 year old unit


Hey all. I’ve gotten a lot of request that I decided to put them on eBay to make it easier.

Just focusing on inner spacer but please reach out if you need outer spacers.

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