Kickr problems while free-wheeling

I still do. I bought a lot of them. Email me at and I can send some to you.

Thanks Michael_R! Sleeve/Shim worked like a charm. Wahoo Kickr is back up and running without ghost pedaling, and I think that I got back a couple of watts.

Great to hear!! Who knew all that was needed to increase your ftp was a simple sleeve haha!

I’ve got a kickr 17 gen 3 model and from what I can tell it only has one shim. I’m pretty sure it is toast though, as it has discoloration and the freehub wobbles/makes obnoxious noises.

My question is, do you @Michael_R or anyone else know if the 14 shims would work in the 17 model? I can measure mine, but it will not be the same measurement as new, and I don’t know how much has been worn down over time…


I have the same problem with the cassette binding and the pedals just moving forward. Does anybody have the dimensions of the correct shim for a 17 KICKR? Its only one shim on the inside of the cassette body.

What I did was back off the lock nut just alitlle. Release a little preload so to say. Like if you were adjust cup and cone bearing. I get no drag and nothing has moved but would like to have it put together correctly. I dont get anymore binding and maybe 1mm of play in the cassette bot to the intrnal ring for the paws. It won’t come apart but’?

I like my stuff to be correct and proper.


Do these parts inside a Kickr need regular cleaning and lube?