Kickr Core Noise

Hello everyone,

I just purchased a Wahoo Kickr Core and after getting my bike on it I noticed a very loud noise that seems to come from the cassette area… I have no clue if it is related to the chain or cassette or the trainer itself.

I had been on a Kickr before with this same bike and you didnt feel the sprockets grinding so much.

This is a short video i recorded of it.

I hope you can help with some insights and thank you very much, this purchase is only to join this great platform.

Contact Wahoo support, they’ll help you out. Make sure you send them the video too.

They’ve been nothing but helpful any time I’ve needed something.

You are referring to the “hummm” in the background, right?
Check the opposite side, where the flywheel is: are the stickers all very well attached to the flywheel? It happened to me that a couple of them were lifting up, causing noise (air friction :S). Removed them and it went back to be super quiet.

Is the cassette fully in place? And is tight enough?

Did you get a solution? I’m having same issues.


Make a video like user above and send it to wahoo support, you’ll get another trainer if you still have warranty.

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