Kickr problems while free-wheeling

I have the same problem, read these posts and wasn’t too happy what I read about wahoo not supplying these shims anymore.
Thought I’d try sending them a message on Facebook and the guy that replied said they do have spares and will send some out to me. I find it odd that who ever you guys spoke to said they didn’t have them any more.

I had the same problem and Wahoo at first told me they didn’t do '14 spares and offered a discounted new model. I asked harder and they in fact are coninuing to stock the inner shim and belt. Shim was £14 which is a lot for what it is but the problem is now solved.

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Good to know. Shame they didn’t just offer the shim straight off though.

My Kickr’14 just started doing this also. Contacted Wahoo and they state they don’t carry the inner shim anymore and are trying to get me to purchase a new Kickr like some of you have experienced Does anyone have the specifications for the inner shim as may have to make my own OR if anyone has an extra you do not want and are willing to sell let me know.

@mcneese.chad Thanks for sharing this Chad! I was having this exact issue with my trainer not coasting, so this morning I took off the cassette, cleaned out the freehub and re-greased everything (although more liberally than the video…) and hey presto, no more catching. Also, my trainer is now SILENT! Cheers.

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Good deal! :smiley:

Hi @LiKuid

Do you still have the dimensions of the new one you received? I am looking to make some for my Kickr '16 and could get a few more made for people depending on how much it ends up costing.


The part in question as far as I can tell is

They are sold out, but the PN is 2120-FF8003-002

Can’t find it anywhere so as I said, Im going to try and make

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User @muchs posted this over on my YouTube video last week showing the sticky freewheel issue on a Kickr '14:

Here are the dimensions. Wahoo won’t supply them anymore, so I took good measurements the last time I ordered a set. I’m in the process of trying to source them elsewhere.

#1: ID 15mm; OD 18mm; OAL: 12.5mm
#2: ID 15mm; OD 17mm; OAL 11.5mm

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@GPLama Amazing thank you. Im getting some quoted right now and will report back.


Unfortunately, i only have the photos posted above.
I ‘ve now sold the trainer, so cant check anymore.
Good thing is that i can confirm Kickr worked flawlessly with the new shim.

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I desperately am trying with wahoo(asshats). I would be willing to help you pay for the building of these my inner one disintegrated.


Sounds good guys. I ended up pushing on Wahoo and they finally send me on for $20.

That being said, I’ll go ahead and make my own so can help people out. I am going to release the 12.5mm length version unless you need the shorter one.

Michael, it turns out I do need the shorter one. That is the one that is disintegrated. I ordered a bunch years ago. well two sets. I must’ve put the smaller one on either side of the hub and that was my problem because now I’m left with two larger ones.


FWIW, I just ordered these off amazon to try. It looks like it should work. It installed fine, but I haven’t ridden the trainer yet.

Also, for anybody who wanders along later with a stuck-on-the-axle inner spacer, use a vice grips on the spacer and pull. If that doesn’t work, try grabbing both sides of the large pulley wheel that the stuck spacer is holding captive and give it a sharp tug. You don’t want to put too much pressure with the pulley wheel b/c that spacer is stuck against the inner race of one of the drive-side bearing in the pulley, but that along with the vice grips might be just enough to get it moving.

ok I just got a bunch of spacers made. I replaced both spacers on mine and I’m back in business. I’m attaching the old vs new images. I also received a replacement part from wahoo after hounding them for weeks and the ones I had made are identical.

I’ll sell them at cost to anyone who needs them.

  1. inner spacer - 11.5mm
  2. outer spacer - 12.5mm

I was able to get them made for about $15/part

Let me know if you need them.


@Warren @ccleeland @GPLama


Yep I need these.

My inner one is fused onto the freehub shaft.

Im in Australia though so seems im out of luck and need to find an aussie supplier. So annoying.

Just got a local shop here in Sydney to make me 2 sets of the inner and outer spacers using your dimensions. Pick them up in a couple days.

Thanks for posting the dimensions. Wahoo havent even bothered getting back to me.

Now to work out how to remove the shim stuck on the axle.

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Do you have the 11.5 still available for sale? I’m in need. I’m having the freewheel issue, can’t get a hold of Wahoo, and my current inner sleeve is reduced down to 11.17.