Kickr 16 freehub

Hi all, hope your all staying safe and well. I’m using a Kickr 16. The freehub is warn and slipping. I’m having issues locating a replacement for Shimano cassette.
Does anyone know where I can get one. Or have one living around. I’ve tried messaging all the big dealers and Wahoo but given the current situation they are slow in replying.
Any advice appreciated.

I can’t specifically help but I’m in a similar situation and luckily have a friend who has a spare as he changed his freehub to a campag when he got his kickr. Perhaps somebody else in the forum has a new shimano freehub they’ve swapped out in similar fashion and could help? I think the original and '16 model use the same freehub - at least I hope they do as it’s an original one my friend has. I know later models changed design.

Thanks for the reply. I think your right. 15and 16 are the same. I’ll be a little disappointed With Wahoo if the free hub is no longer available for a £1000 trainer

I’ve always been impressed with Wahoo support- bear with them and hopefully you get an answer from them if nobody else can help.

I’ve heard back from wahoo and they were very helpful. I feel a fool.
It was the belt slipping😲
Hope this is your issue. Two Allan keys and 30 seconds to put right.
Wahoo first class👍


Thanks again

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@Knockdolian did you happen to get an answer about supply of `16 model freehub availability? I am trying to track one down in Australia but hoping to buy a used or unwanted one rather than brand new.

Hi Tommy, Wahoo have a limited supply ? However turned out it wasn’t my hub slipping it was the belt. 30 seconds to rectify if you have the same issue as I had.
Hope this helps :+1: