Kickr V3 Noise during resistance ramp up

I’ve recently purchased a Kickr V3 (Black Friday) and I just noticed a peculiar noise on the last couple uses. There’s a ratcheting sound that seems to only happen when the resistance is increasing as power target increases. Once steady it seems to go away. Seems justified that it may be how the mechanism is changing resistance but does this sound normal? Before I contact Wahoo, thought I’d get some experienced user feedback. Thanks!!!

There have been some manufacturing issues with the kickr. Just get in touch with wahoo and they’ll do their best.

Found the problem and thankfully its not the Kickr!! My cassette has free play side to side and makes the noise under zero load conditions. Basically it looks like the lock ring might be bottoming out on the freehub body(its tight and still free play on the outermost gears). Although I should not need a spacer (11speed cassette) I’m thinking a shim/spacer of about 0.5mm or less may solve it. I can only find a 1mm spacer online which may work and might mean re-tuning the derailleur??. Also, I’ve been in contact with Wahoo and the initial feedback from the tech that’s been helping me troubleshoot is that is not something they have dealt with before. Nevertheless, has anyone out there had a similar experience/potential solutions I might be able to try?