Kickr problems while free-wheeling

I have a Kickr that I’ve used for ~3 years, quite frequently (never have changed cassette) and have noticed lately if I’m free-wheeling that the chain will catch every revolution or so. If I’m not clipped in, the pedals move forwards a little sort of like a fixed-gear bike.

  1. Is this a cassette/chain issue? I only do my riding in the 52x19 but have this issue in other sprockets on the back too.
  2. Hopefully this isn’t making my workouts any easier? Ie watts are watts right?
  3. Cassette doesn’t seem loose but the flywheel contraption wobbles a little bit. Is this the problem?


That drag and chain movement usually indicates that the internal pawls and/or pawl springs are gummed up and not moving properly. Solution is to remove the freehub, remove old grease, clean, regrease and reinstall. Should coast better after that.

This is part of the process.

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Likely worn spacers/shims. See my video on this from whhheeeeeeeeey back:


Thanks for your replies. I emailed Wahoo to see how I could get these replacement parts. Any thoughts on whether or not this is making my TR training easier - I feel like even if a gunky flywheel is encouraging it to spin, watts are watts and shouldn’t be affecting the efficacy of my training overall (erg mode). Guess I’m looking for some reassurance…

Thanks, so I got a new inner spacer from Wahoo and took apart everything - until I realized the inner spacer is so corroded and I can’t get it off. I had enough trouble removing the freehub body but eventually got it off with brute strength. Any tips for how to remove the inner spacer? I tried to use needlenose plyers to no avail…

Heat. Then try to talk to it in a calm voice. I may just be going through a clingy stage. If that fails, get medieval on it’s ass.

Don’t forget a screwdriver.

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