Kicker Snap to Emotion Rollers

Hey all,

Making the move from kicker snap to inside ride emotion rollers. First workout was Gendarme and for vo2max my heart rate didnt break 144bpm. This workout would have made me work pretty hard on the snap but it was a cake walk on the rollers. I do have power meter pedals Assioma Duo that were hooked up to trainer road, I am tryin got figure out what gives.

@Jonathan and fam any insight in to proper set up for training on rollers or what settings I missed? Looking to learn from the braintrust,
Thanks Dan

Were you using Resistance or ERG mode on the Snap?

What gearing were you using on the Snap?

  • And how does this compare to what you did with the Rollers?

Do you normally do VO2 Max intervals at 90-ish rpm?

ERG on the snap all the time, just set it and forget it.

Gearing 50x 19 in the rear, Maybe 17 in the rear if i kept the cadence.

I believe I used the same gears to hit the power numbers on the rollers. (not easy to look backwards during the first session, but ill make not for sure next ride) However, it just felt like a walk in the park and did not bring my HR up like I would have been on the snap. Last time I did this workout was Oct. 6th and my max was 166bpm.

Yes, my average cadence is usually around 100rpm for all rides. I do all the on intervals in aero as well on the TT bike.

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Considering you have the same power meter, and it is presumably correct in old and new use, the real variable here is mainly the inertia from the flywheel on the trainer vs that on the rollers.

Do you have the rollers with the manual magnetic unit (with 3 settings?) or the new trainer with the electronic resistance unit?

Manual magnetic unit. Had it set to level 1 which playing around gave me on intervals at 241watts in 50x17 at about 100rpm. If I moved to level 2 it felt similar to being on the kicker but I would be way above designated watts in that gearing.

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The other variable you can mess with is tire pressure. Makes a notable difference on rollers and might be worth considering along with your mag unit setting to fine tune gearing and feel.

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I don’t know much about the snap. I assume TR was getting power from your pedals and using that to control resistance on the snap? If so, I assume it’s just a different in the inertia of the 2 systems. Regardless, you are certainly getting an accurate power number now since there is no interaction with the “non-smart” rollers. Maybe do a ramp test on the rollers to confirm your numbers and just run with it.

Ill take a look into that further and play around with the settings. Thank you for the insight!

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That is how I believe I set it up. Yes, in thinking about it the two have a very different feel I would relate to the inertia difference. Im just surprised it is so different and I feel I have been training with no gains with the snap. Im curious what the numbers will be on the rollers. Ill give it a shot.

Make sure TrainerRoad isn’t connected to your bike’s power meter

Why, what’s he supposed to connect it to on a set of dumb rollers?

Misread the post. Thought the e-motion rollers being discussed were the smart version with erg resistance.

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