Reviving old plain roller

Say something nice. I have been sanding and painting and fcking up and repainting for 2 weeks now.


I guess I have no more excuses now.
Suffering starts.


Nice work. Now consider making a DIY motion base to make them even more fun to ride.


Very good :+1: Nice to see fellow roller afficianados!
Do you intend to use these as your sole trainer? If so, is it possible to incorporate some form of resistance? I can imagine they may have some limitations above 300 watts.

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Wow! That’s brilliant.
Thankfully my E-Motion rollers have the motion built in, but I have to set resistance on my PC prior to starting a workout. I would love in ride adjustment. I might explore the app further and see if I can figure something out.
Not easy navigating with a mouse on the rollers tho, maybe I can swap the shifter for a mouse and mat🤣


Without any resistance unit it depends a lot on the pressure of the tires, but at 100psi (and for whatever relation I have on my bike) the range is about 20-400W (IIRIC). You can obviously go above 400W with a different relation or insane cadence. It is actually mostly my sole trainer.

I wonder whats the W range improvement I get from a bar of magnets.

I have never done an explicit test, but would guess I can easily get 600-800w at “normal” cadence with the max on my mag unit.

That is actually almost useful! I guess that if you somehow you add more bars it could be even better.
Shit, now I’m imagining an erg roller.

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I build a mag bar for mine, but I think it only added about 40W. Would probably need better magnets. I had trouble fixing it to the rollers, so gave up and bought a proper resistance unit for them just now. First test says it adds a lot of resistance, but now I need my power meter back to see how much…

Nice job on the refurb by the way!

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Inside Ride and Elite both offer smart-controlled rollers that work in ERG, Simulation, and Resistance modes. Pretty cool tech :smiley:

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Nice work! I second @mcneese.chad’s recommendation on a floating platform. I built one and it works well.

I’m not sold on the need for smart controlled resistance for rollers. From what I’ve read the InsideRide version isn’t up to par on some of the direct drive units (although I haven’t ridden one so it may be better than what I’ve read). The TruTrainer model seems solid – but at that price it should:)

Sent you a private message related to your rollers.

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