Upgrading to a dumb trainer

I’ve got a power meter and I like to use that to read my power when training indoors. I don’t like power match so have been doing all my rides without erg mode. I prefer it.

I have a kickr snap. My question is should I sell this and buy a dumb trainer? Or just run the kickr without erg? Not sure if a road machine or a mag trainer might be quieter and simpler.

Or a set of rollers which gives your core an additional workout?


Simpler, no. It’s the same routine to mount and dismount the bike, maintain/check the tire pressure, check the roller tension, etc. Only thing missing is the calibration. Quieter, maybe. Mine was on par with my Elite Drivo. It’s not no noise. Are you ever planning to ride on Zwift, RGT Cycling, Rouvy, or other simulated world/game?

I would just use the kicker in resistance mode and you still have the potential there for running Zwift properly or RGT etc. That’s what I’ve done with my Suito, I dislike ERG too.

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Keen to know how you set things up to use the kickr in resistance mode and use your PM as the source. Could you describe your start up process?

Having a smart trainer and not using erg would be waste of money for me. That exactly has been my case so I sold my kickr and bought Elite Quick Motion Rollers with 3 Resistance levels
Very happy with the decision. The workouts are much more challenging (keeping up with the power demands of the workout!), demanding (balance), rewarding (felt muscle soreness as different muscles are being trained than on a fixed trainer)… and more fun.

I dont have to manipulate my bike. Just put it on the rollers and go…

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Quite simple on the laptop. My Suito trainer and Power Meter are paired normally within Trainer Road and the ‘t’ button toggles ERG off to resistance mode. I think in the phone/tablets apps it can only be done by going into the settings menu rather than by a keyboard short cut.

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Thanks for the replies. Seems the simplest thing is just to keep riding the snap with erg off.

Would consider rollers bit can’t find the ones I want in the UK for a sensible price (quick motion).

If you don’t want/need ERG mode you might as well opt for a fluid trainer - which would completely remove the need for power supply. That may come in handy in case you want to carry the device with you for race warmups or to another place for a few days.


  1. Elite Turbo Muin (or the up to date model, which I think has the same internals: Elite Turno)
  2. Elite Kura (has a powermeter afair, should you need that but is of course more expensive)

I have a Kickr with vector3 and use power match. When it works it has been great using ERG mode but when it doesn’t it is a huge pain in the ass. I think having a dumb trainer is a great back up option. When I’m having connectivity issues I want to throw the entire works out and go back to a power meter our Road Machine.
PS. My wife is still using the Road Machine with my old Vector2s and never has issues.

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I did the same thing. Sold my kickr and got the elite emotion rollers. No regrets. Where I used to have to drop my outdoor ftp significantly to ride the kickr, I now can now leave it alone. My only issue is that I can stand up, I can even take my hands off the bars, but I can’t grab my water bottle without nearly crashing! I will continue to practice. :slight_smile:


My friend is lending me some roller this week so it will be good to have a go before deciding anything.


In case these are classic rollers dont be put off too quickly. It takes practice
In case these are floating rollers like the Elite QM… enjoy right away!

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The QMs are not available anywhere around here for a decent price. I’m not sure which ones my friend has, probably basic ones. Are the ones below a good choice? I hear people saying you can’t get the resistance on rollers like a turbo.

These dont float - so rather classic feel, more difficult to ride.

What is your price threshold?

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About £400

There’s currently a set on eBay👍

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You can get Tacx Galaxia’s for well under that price. For anything up to about 285 watts, they should be fine depending on tire pressure and gearing. There are aftermarket resistance units you can rig to it.

Cheers but I’m in Scotland and they’re collection only in England.

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My ftp is 280 so not sure that would work.

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