I would like to take a hammer to my Cycleops Hammer right now!

Holy frustration! I attempted to do a VO2 workout with some intervals and that damn flywheel will not slow down enough (ie cadence at 116+) just to keep my power up! Not to mention the recovery was a joke with having to manually hit the resistance up (out of ERG mode) to slow down the flywheel. At $1200 this thing is basically useless with any type of VO2 or Interval workout on TR.

Does anyone else have issues like this?

Does the Kicker do this?

Why do I have to continuously shift to keep my cadence at a “normal” level?

My power lines are so ugly with the Hammer!!!

I haven’t had this exact issue with the Kickr…but I run mine on the small ring up front and and near the middle of the cassette in back. I think if you do this, it creates less “momentum” (possibly the wrong term) for the flywheel that it does in the big ring and thus makes it easier to adjust.

I’ve been using a friend’s Hammer while I wait for a new Tacx unit, and I have to say I haven’t been impressed either.

My gen 1 Kickr is way better. (sadly just can’t use it on Boost bikes)

Any type of build/specialty phases are basically useless it seems. No problems if it is the simple Base/ SS workouts but any type of interval throws everything out of whack.

I tried small up and still had to bump up as that flywheel moves way too fast. Perfect and impossible solution would be brakes on the flywheel to calm it down and bring things back into sync.

Pedaling at 115+ is just not feasible or realistic for training.

I have no idea what to do as I LOVE TR and everything that they stand for but only being able to do 1/3 of the plans is not cool

H2 user here. The thing has been awesome. No problems whatsoever. Make sure you have the latest software from rouvy downloaded,and maybe contact cycleops. I know a few people with the first gen hammer that love it as well.

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This is reassuring and according to the Power Tap app on my phone I am up to date, yep a phone call will be made tomorrow

Interesting. I wonder if it’s just a bum unit. I never have problems doing any type of interval work with my Hammer. No matter what zone. Hope you get it figured out.

Please report back on what you find out. I’ve have a Hammer as well and have had the same experience.

I have the same issue. I did a workout last weekend where I had to sprint hard for a short period then recover, and the recovery period was a joke because the flywheel would take forever to slow down. Needless to say, frustrated as well. I did, however, calibrate it with rouvy afterwards, but I haven’t been able to test it with that type of workout yet. I’ll post back here when I do and let you know if it was any better.

Have a kickr core and was doing some 1 minute intervals last night and did not have this issue. See screenshots below - these are drops from 455 watts to 143 watts, so a fairly significant change in resistance. You can see that it does drop below the target for a second or three at the end of every interval, but I think this is primarily due to my cadence dropping as I tried (desperately I might add) to recover

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And that is how TR intervals should look!!

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I’m not gonna lie - the machine and I were pretty well synchronized last night, it was a hard workout but the setup did everything I asked of it. That’s with powermatch from my pedals as well

Had my Gen1 Hammer 9 months now and find it solid… not had any issue with VO2 max workouts.

Power is more noisy than it used to be due to using power match, and that was expect after reading about power match, but figures are always good.

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I have a Hammer 1 as well and have not had any issues. my power tracks the workout profile very well. large power drops only take a second to kick in so no issues noted. I do have it fully updated and also do a calibration fairly often. The only time I have ever had an issue with the Hammer tracking the power in ERG mode a quick calibration solved it.

@jmm did you do the calibration on rouvy?

I don’t recall any significant issues with mine, even during microbursts only once or twice during some of those billets types, and not every interval. That was during a build in the summer.

I normally calibrate before I start in TR (Calibration keeps failing if I do it after the TR warm-up). I had Huffaker during the week and didn’t have any issues anyway.

I’ve nothing to compare it too - got it at great price during the summer.

I only have ever calibrated it via the Rouvy app, before and after some workouts and never had an issue successfully completing the calibration.

I know Zwift had an outstanding issue over calibration with the Hammer for several months, it might still be ongoing, and they recommend the use of the Rouvy App.

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every time i use zwift, it feels significantly different than trainerroad (especially when I try to run trainerroad and zwift at the same time). i calibrated my hammer with rouvy as well.

To me they have felt the same resistance wise, erg mode wants 200 watts, whether that’s through Zwift or Trainer road controlling the trainer, it feels the same.

I do notice Trainer road is quicker to set resistance, when its requests 300 watts, it adds that resistance almost a second or two before timer hits 00:00. Believe TR pre-empts the change. Zwift I would note its about a second afterwards.

The only issues I’ve had is when Zwift tries to take control of the smart trainer. Happens a few times a month when I don’t notice Zwift has paired to it. It’s just a case of quickly jumping into pairing on Zwift and unpairing the smart trainer from Zwift. Thus I just let TR control it when using it at the same time and everything works well.

Yep I know… two apps trying to control the smart trainer is always going to give me problems :wink: !!

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thanks for the feedback. I’ve made sure zwift isn’t controlling it, but every time i feel an increase in resistance (no clue why if it’s not controlling it. Once I close zwift and stay on tr, it’s back to “normal” feel again.