Issues Editing Training Plan with Plan Builder

I was looking to update my plan within the calendar to accommodate other training (now that open water swimming is a viable option in my area and I’ve started to run more). However, I’m unable to edit my plan because I’ve edited it before, which is a bit confusing because I’ve edited my plans before and I was able to edit them again. I can go back to my original plan from Week 1 and delete if I so choose, but I was hoping to just modify the training load.

Anybody else getting this message regarding editing your plan?

Did you happen to push/pull training weeks when editing your calendar?

At the moment, we are unable to accommodate those types of adjustments while retaining the ability to edit your training load down the line. When you attempt to push/pull workouts, we issue a warning that you will lose the ability to edit if you carry out the command, and you must accept to proceed. This warning looks like this:


You should still be able to adjust the plan prior to when you made the adjustment, but afterward, you will not be able to edit in the same way as before. Basically, all of the workouts become disassociated from the plan.

If this is in fact what happened, the best approach would be to re-create your Plan Builder plan using your original start date and all of the same inputs to re-generate the plan. You will first have to delete your current plan, but once you do you, you will be able to automatically pull in all of your events to make the rebuilding process easy. Once you complete this process, your plan will be editable once again.

I hope this clears things up a bit!

I did end up pushing a week last week. I didn’t see a warning pop up (at least I don’t remember there being one), but this makes more sense. I’ll go ahead and re-create the plan. Thank you!

Not saying it did show up, but alert fatigue is so common in healthcare users almost never read the message.or warning - we’ve been conditioned to just click ok. I’ve literally sat next to clinicians to help them with something and they’ll rapid fire click through 2 or 3 error messages and I’ll be like wait, back up, what did that say? And they’ll say, I dunno, it always does that.