"Editing" a plan (delete and recreate" always starts with an FTP test?

I’m doing a Triathlon based AT plan via plan builder. Swim classes I recently signed up for required me to change on which days I swim.

I deleted my existing plan, backdated the new one to when I started, so I would assume it would take all my existing progression into account and put me in the exact same spot I was. Why is it asking for an FTP test?

I didn’t take a screenshot, but the plan seems to have changed significantly (at least the bike workouts). Why would it have changed the workout schedule? Shouldn’t the AT logic have worked out the data the same way, or does deleting the plan lose some specifics?

It would be really nice if we could make adjustments to the plan without having to delete it (adding/removing a B/C race, taking time off, updating what workouts happen on which day of the week). I feel I lose confidence in the AT plan when I have to delete the whole thing.

You can move individual workouts around in your calendar just by dragging them.

You can also edit which days workouts regularly fall on by editing each block of training (eg. Base, Build, etc). Just go to the start of each block in your calendar, and you can edit it from there.

What about if the user wants to add a B event to the calendar. They recalculate and it does the same thing it will give you a ftp test as your next workout.

From what I know you can do this and the system will ask you if you want to recalculate the entire training plan.

From past experience what they would tell you since you don’t want to retest is to just replace the Ramp Test with next weeks workout for the same day if that makes sense. Also After doing all that it may be a good idea to close out TR (Web or App) and reopen sometimes it needs to run the opening scripts to notice there are changes it needs to make.

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FWIW, I updated my AT plan maybe four weeks after it started (to remove an A event and to edit holidays), and it didn’t ask for ramp re-test. I did do a ramp test when the training block started though.

In the future when this happens, from the calendar view, you can click on the phase (ie Base 2), and drag and drop the way you’d like your workout days arranged within the week to apply a change to that phase. This way, you wont have to delete and re-apply your plan at all!

You were served an FTP test as a result of the combination of the last date of your most recent FTP change being a ways back, and with your new plan starting you on a new block.

All good here! This just speaks to the nature of Adaptive Training having adjusted those originally scheduled workouts as a result where your fitness had progressed and changed throughout your plan.

This should also give you confidence though, that it wont take AT long at all to calibrate to your abilities and make the adaptations necessary to move you towards your goal. It’s quick to learn and will put you on the right track! :+1:

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Thank you all for the replies, it was clearly not obvious to me how to make some of these edits to my plan, especially moving the workout days around. I seem to have been able to do that successfully now :slight_smile:

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Glad you got your issue sorted. But for future reference, TR has some great support articles about the Calendar and far more. One example related to your new discovery:

And the broad list of all Calendar related articles: