No longer able to change plan?

As I’m now pretty safely assuming my scheduled A event is going to be postponed if not cancelled, I decided to update my plan.

Now I may be being stupid, but apparently I can’t; please see below -

This seems to follow TR having a look at my plan after the plan builder prescribed me a rather surprising series of workouts.

Has anyone had this problem before?

I’ve got that on my current plan as I shifted everything back a week due to a getting a cold back in October. So I think it’s the Plan Builder code and the code behind the push/pull functionality not being integrated in how the latter modifies a plan. Might be wrong on that but it seems the most likely as some of the individual phase/plan descriptions seem a week out. There was also a popup at the time stating that making the change would mean I wouldn’t be able to update it in future.


Ah that would make sense; I shifted everything back a week after a bout of flu.

The question is what do I do about it…

Delete the plan and start again with a backdated start?