Plan Builder - Unable to update

Anyone else getting this message?..if not i will submit a ticket.

I got it after pushing everything a week. My last event of this year was a week later due to Covid so I pushed the plan a week to get the recovery week in the right place and inserted a taper week before the event.

Have you done something similar?

No I havent.

Looking into this, hold tight!

This is intended behavior. Editing any Plan Builder plan by pushing, pulling, or clearing weeks will ‘break’ the Plan Builder plan, and prevent it from updated again.
There should be a warning message before this happened:

Sorry. :disappointed:

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Thanks for the reply. Looks like I performed an action that broke Plan Builders logic system. I deleted the plan and ran plan builder again.

Sorry I dont have better news. If you dont remember editing your plan in a way that would cause that, maybe something else is going on and its worth getting in touch with support so they can take a closer look.
Apologies that for now, the solution is just re-adding your plan. I know its arduous to do-so, but it’ll allow you to edit things agian. :expressionless:

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