Wahoo Sync issue?

I just got my new Wahoo ROAM and I am Ready for my first outside TR workout this evening - super excited!

I have completed all the necessary authentication steps between TR and Wahoo without an issue.

I have even synced my today’s workout. But when I synced tomorrow’s and next day’s workout, I see that even those workouts are shown scheduled for today.

Is there anything I am missing to set up? Or is this the way how it is supposed to be?


Go ahead and reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com and a team member will look into this issue for you :slight_smile:

Done. Thank you!

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As a result usual great support, another mystery solved :slight_smile:

Here I am providing the solution (or correct way of doing what I was doing wrong) here so that someone else can also benefit.

Even though you have a scheduled workout on your calendar, and if you don’t push that workout via calendar page but instead is you do it via workout’s page, it syncs it as current day’s workout.

If you select Outside from calendar, it syncs as scheduled one.

I think adding Wahoo and/or Garmşn selection on calendar, can help to solve this confusion (like the one on workout’s page).

Thanks again to TR for the great support.



So glead our Team was able to get things sorted :+1:

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