Is there any point in continuing subscription if I’m now only cycling outside?

I think they wanted to but I don’t think they’ve got it to work and I’m not sure Nate ever said anything definite. What TR does use HR for in the absence of power for is TSS. Perhaps that is what you are thinking of.

Here’s what I was thinking of

Edit: he reiterated it a couple more times. Here is another comment from him

And another


Interesting, and if that rings true they should update their support doc.

Any chance you can look into this @ZackeryWeimer?

ETA: I will note that those answers are from a year ago and could be incorrect at this time. I say that because they have swapped the 10 indoor TR workout requirement on/off a time or two since AIFTPD was introduced. It had to do with undesired results as shown by several users here on the forum at the very least.

With that in mind, I am personally skeptical that pure HR data (no power data) can really be useful in the AIFTPD context. But I welcome clarity one way or the other from TR reps.


I’d first ask where you’ve been these last six months when we have an Ironman training thread right here :slight_smile:

You only ‘need’ a few long outdoor rides to be ready for Wales. I think every triathlete benefits from having the indoor option available when trying to fit in xx hrs a week.

Workouts can be done by RPE outside, but it depends on whether you plan is TR or something else.

Plus, are you really an Ironman without a 4h+ indoor ride? :face_with_monocle:

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Unfortunately I can’t justify spending big bucks on a power meter… once this IM is done, that’s me done with ‘serious’ cycling… I just want to get round within cutoff!

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Surely most people’s main goal is not to get faster, though? Getting faster is a usually a subordinate goal to something else - so that you can win a race; complete a ride before the cut-off; beat your friends in town sign sprint; etc.

If your reason for wanting to get faster is so that your outside riding is then more fun, then sacrificing that outdoor riding at the altar of getting faster is a bit self-defeating.

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I think this is the important thing here. If you’re shooting for 8-10 hours or more of outdoor riding, having two 1-hour indoor rides dictate the entire course of a week’s riding seems a bit off. Those two indoor rides aren’t the only effective training that’s happening, and the rest of the outdoor rides are not junk miles that don’t matter.

Except it’s 2x the cost of any alternative app anyway so it’s hardly a saving.

Then go use an alternative app. It’s a discount from their normal price whether you like that price or not.

Nice find @NateP! Outside rides without power data but with heart rate data will contribute to AI FTP Detections after the initial calibration. Though as Nate mentions having a power meter is obviously going to be best.

@Mdavidford I suppose you’re right — most people’s goals might not necessarily be to simply ride their bike faster, but being strong enough to ride quickly can help you win a race, complete a bike ride before the cut-off, and beat your friends in a town sign sprint!

@Scase73 I agree with @NateP’s original response — “Some structure will be better than none.” You’ve got less than three months before Ironman Wales. Keeping some consistency around structured training, even using RPE, will help give you an opportunity to perform well at your last “serious” cycling event. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t worry about a power meter if it’s not a priority. You have access to that data through your smart trainer via TrainerRoad to check your progress whenever you’d like.

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Please add this information to the official AIFTPD support article, because I don’t see it there now (per the multiple times we’ve discussed it this week).

What AI FTP Detection Needs to Detect Your FTP

In order for AI FTP Detection to have enough data to accurately detect your FTP, you need a minimum of 10 completed TrainerRoad indoor workouts. If you haven’t completed enough workouts, don’t stress—you’ll see how many more you need when you click the button to use the feature. Once you’ve completed these 10 workouts, AI FTP Detection will analyze and incorporate all indoor and outdoor rides with power data, whether or not they’re TrainerRoad workouts.

For the best results, AI FTP Detection also requires an accurate weight and date of birth in your Account Settings. Please verify yours are entered correctly!

Do I need to use a heart rate monitor to get an accurate FTP Prediction?

Nope! All you need is consistent, structured training with a power meter or VirtualPower.

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