Using TR without devices (Wahoo Element instead)

I’m thinking of switching from TrainingPeaks (which is just daunting in technical depth). But I only ride outdoors, which means I would use TR with my Wahoo Element (uploading workouts via Strava). Since my power meter pairs to the Element that means no devices paired to TR. does this work? Or is TR really best for indoor training equipment only (I know it has outdoor support but it kind of feels “tacked on” and incomplete). Would love to hear if anyone else uses TR for outdoor only and how you’ve set it up.

Sounds like you aren’t aware that TR offers Outside workouts that are tied to their plans?

I am pretty sure the following addresses your request.

I am aware. And the outside workouts seem to be “tacked on” like I said. I don’t get things like the workout profile (aka “power graphs” when planning). I have to parse a long verbal description of the workout. Also the app says that a “device is required” (and so does the online account). There is no option for “I’m not using a device, I have a Wahoo.” And finally, it just “feels” like a ton of stuff is missing over TrainingPeaks and how TP handles outdoor (e.g.: the same as indoor). Could just be a learning curve, but at this point I’m feeling like TR’s support for outdoor rides is somewhat incomplete…

Correct. And I agree that is not ideal.

Sounds like you haven’t done this setup step:

Fix that now…

Go here:

which brings me to a page that looks like this:

and I’ve got a Garmin and you can see its Connected.

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You can set up your Wahoo as the “device” you are looking for to instruct you what watts to hold for a given interval. No need to parse data.

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Agreed. It sounds like not all the setup steps were followed?

the TR implementation on Garmin and Wahoo head units gives explicit power targets with graphs visible along the way, relative to each and every interval in the planned workout.

Sort of. Yes, it’s set up, but my account (web and mobile) is still telling me I have a “required step” of setting up a “device.” So the app and web site doesn’t seem to consider the Wahoo a device. It works, it is syncing. It’s just weird that the app is still telling me my account setup is incomplete – more examples of how outdoor workouts are “tacked on” at this point…

I have, but the app (and web) don’t recognize my Wahoo as a “device.” So it keeps telling me my setup is incomplete, and a “required step” is to add a device. But it’s working – just… well, like I said above, seems outdoor is “tacked on” and kind of… an afterthought at this point.

sure you can see the power graph on the bike computer (depending on model), but as he pointed out once you switch to outside then the graph disappears from TR calendar. Pre-ride taking a quick look at the calendar it is a real buzz kill IMHO.

email and ask for help getting that sorted out.

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Right, I agree the removal of the calendar preview is a negative and should be resolved. It’s been requested and acknowledged a number of times, so I hope TR addresses it in the future.

You still need a computer or other device with web access to manage the calendar and to convert workouts from indoor to outdoor. I think you contributed to another post about searching for outdoor workouts. Agree on the shortcomings, but starting from an indoor workout you can see the profile first to get you to an outdoor that is similar.

Yea - that’s what I’m realizing. So far my workflow seems to be:

  1. Plan the routine as an indoor workout.
  2. On the day of the workout, open in the web (or web-app) and change to “outdoor” just before the ride.
  3. This makes it downloadable to Wahoo (otherwise, I wouldn’t bother changing it to outdoor).

It’s kind of a pain – and just as a matter of comparison, this is one reason why I feel TR doesn’t handle outdoor workouts that well (at least not as well as TP). With TP, it’s all just one plan. I can do it indoor or outdoor. I don’t have to “switch modes” and my training profile graphs (the thumbnails) don’t vanish. I like the thumbnails, that plus the TSS basically tells me what I’m looking at for a day.