Is my training plan Hard Enough?

Im New to trainerroad and started the Plan builder.
In comparison to my actual workload it Looks Like an decrease…Do i have to chnage the Volume to maske gains Over the Winter season?

It may help to know what your prior training was. Inside, outside, structured or not, and such to understand that better.

It looks like you got a Sweet Spot Base to start, and Mid Volume Plan. That is 5 workouts per week, and the initial program that most should start with. It is “lower” in intensity since it is the very start of the typical Base > Build > Specialty cycle that TR uses.

Depending on your prior history, doing most of all of these workouts inside may be more demanding than your prior workouts. It’s highly variable and subjective, but be careful about comparing TSS from different sources because… “Not all TSS is created equal” to use the often quoted TR phrase.

I think it is a fine start, as is, but that is based on very limited info at this point.


Thanks for your answer!
I noticed the tss feel a little bit different to zwift😊
AT the Moment im doing nearly everything outside…
I live in the alps, every ride is a mountain ride…
Greets from Austria!

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Welcome to TR :smiley:

Are you using a power meter with your outside rides?

If yes, have you had an “accurate” FTP set for your rides so the TSS reported is also "accurate?

I use favero assioma powermeter and did my ramp Tests on zwift.(With a kickr)
Started in march with 177 and now its between 215 and 220 watt, my weight is about 64 kg

OK, FTP measured inside is likely good. Be aware that sometimes, people are able to perform better/easier outside. Meaning that your inside FTP applied outside may be “off”.

This gets into a messy Inside FTP vs Outside FTP issue, but can lead to real differences in related efforts and TSS tracking, since these may well differ. Not necessarily true in your case, but something to consider, as to the “not always equal” idea.

Im a beginner.
Bought my first roadbike this year in march. At the Moment im just having fun…Im learning all the stuff rlated to training. If i keep or increase my fitness Over Winter im happy, but im Not preparing for a race or something Like that…
Have a nice weekend!


Cool. Happy to have you in TR and the forum. Lots of great stuff to learn here as you move forward.

Happy riding and training :smiley: