Increasing volume from base to build phase

I committed fully to Trainerroad last winter, did Sweet spot base mid volume 1 and 2 followed by General build mid volume and then 4-5 weeks of Rolling road race mid volume before I started riding outside. I did cycling specific strength training Mondays and Wednesdays(skipping the “easy” Wednesday workout).
Everything went by the books from October till start of April, maybe the TSS was a bit high at times… feeling tired from time to time and 5-10 workouts was cut short or made easier.
With better form than ever I went to training camp on Mallorca in middle of April, as I’ve done the last 4 years. Half way through the stay I got a knee injury, which ruined my 2018 season.

My knee is now OK and I’m back at full training. The problem now is I don’t have the same motivation I did same time last year.
In order to be motivated and completing the TR workouts in good form I can’t have too many hours/workouts a week, at least for now.
I have started the SSB low volume and doing cycling specific strength training Mondays and Wednesdays.

My concerns/questions:
-Now I fear that the lowered TSS/training volume won’t make me as good as I was after doing a full winter of mid volume…
-Going from low volume SSB 1 and 2 then do general build mid volume, how will the increased TSS affect my training?
-In order to stay motivated I’m thinking about just doing TR low volume and adding Zwift and Cross-Country skiing when the conditions allow it. Is this a good approach? Tracking TSS can be a challenge…
-I see it’s recommended doing strength training on the same days I do TR and not on the rest days. How big of a deal is this? I’m not able to work out twice a day.

My FTP was 257 when starting the rolling road race plan. At 60kg that gives me 4,28W/kg. Now Im at 230 FTP and 60kg.

The workouts on TrainerRoad are great, but I struggled a couple of year back with motivation. I was finding it difficult to focus on making the yellow line follow the blue. Zwift was an absolute revalation. I still do the TR workouts but have Zwift as a distraction. The social aspect of it is what keeps me going.