Is it possible to "string together" workouts automatically?

Just wondering if there was an option or a way to do 2 workouts back-to-back without having to stop and load the next workout…kind of a “workout playlist”.

Starting the TBMV2 plan next week and want to do an additional workout following the scheduled Ramp Test.


At the moment, this is not possible :pensive:

We may explore the possibilities of this type of workout playlist in the future, however, this is a fairly unique use-case that most users will not use on a regular basis. I would be still be happy to share this idea with the team, and I have tagged this thread with a #feature-request label so that we can track it.

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Thanks, Bryce…

Hi @IvyAudrain I’d like to post a Feature Request, basically exactly as Power13 has asked. Is it possible to implement a queue/auto play for workouts scheduled on the same day. I love the “extend cooldown” but have recently reverted to using separate workouts in order to make the main event more easily comparable with other efforts.

I’d love for there to be a function where it asked if you wanted to start next workout or whatever, saving all animations and Adaptations until after all the training is finished.

Also, with the absolute best understanding of entitlement and no expectations, could you prettiest of pleases create a two hour endurance workout that does the higher percentage first. Basically the opposite of Klahane Ridge ( though I’d be happy for it to be as basic as 60min 70% then 60min 60%). Virginia is the closest I found but it’s 105min. Figured no harm in asking. I do understand you’re very busy as it is investigating random bugs etc.


A tangent related to this, more important now that AT is doing actual analysis of workouts is treating back to back workouts (whether done manually or in a playlist) as “one effort” for this like personal records, etc. Two, 1-hour efforts with 10 minutes in between should ideally analyzed the same way (or at least very similaryly) whether they are 2 different workouts or a 2 hours workout paused for 10 minutes in the middle, or a 130 minute workout with a 10 minute break in the middle.


Just use workout creator and make your own :upside_down_face: