Feature Request: compare workouts

I don’t think this is currently available, if it is then point me at it and close the thread!

Most of us go Base 1 -> Base 2 -> Build -> Base 2 -> Build, etc. so tend to do quite a few of the workouts time and again. At the moment there is Season Match but I’d like to be able to compare the same workout over time.

Under Career->past rides you can filter down to a ride name which shows you the overview of your workout including notes if you made them but it would be nice to be able to view the power curves for them. It is possible to this if you create seasons for the specific days when you did the same workout but that’s a faff and a horrible workaround. Ironically my Personal Records charts do this for the Ramp Test from 1min to 10mins :rofl:

Rationale for this: being able to see improvements more specifically, i.e. sustained power, 1min VO2max etc. The workouts are designed with those in mind but the analysis isn’t.

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