Two workouts in a row, without cooldown

Hi people!

I couldn’t find anything on the subject, so here goes:
I want to add some Z2 time to some of my workouts, just 15-20 minutes after a sweetspot workout, but I don’t want the cooldown and warmup in between.
Is there a way to extend a workout with Z2 intensity, or stack two workouts?

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If you plan this ahead of time then you can use the workout creator to do this.

If it’s a spur of the moment thing, maybe you can extend the cooldown and bump intensity if necessary? Never tried that but I assume it would work.


Yep - I go the same route as @onemanpeloton

However, it can be an advantage of NOT being in ERG mode, as you can extend cooldown and just ride at the intensity you want

I do this all the time with the extended cool down then increase the intensity to what you want it to be.


Why didn’t I think of this simple solution. D’oh.

Thanks guys.

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