Ssbhv1 recovery week

Why is it that without fail I feel worse during the early and mid part of the recovery week than I do during the work weeks? I feel tired and mentally down a bit until about thursday/friday when I start to get the urge to insert a more intense workout. It is strange because I really go from fatigued and mentally down to the urge to do a threshold/vo2 type workout and feeling bored with the lower intensity. Does anyone else get this

This is normal, you are recovering.

Agreed. Sounds like normal hormonal changes possibly at play here.
After a long period of loading I can feel like a shell of a person

yep - ignore it - you will feel great by the Saturday

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I did an endurance ride, brasstown as part of the recovery week and a good amount of the fatigue both mental are both much improved. I guess it really does take a full week to recover and absorb the benefits of the training block rather than trying to insert a more intense session and risk cutting into that recovery and hopefully overcompensation