Is it fine to start with base II vs base I?

I have really good endurance and can push for super long amounts of time, but am not a good sprinter by any means. Is it fine to start with base II? It seems like a better fit for me considering I do collegiate racing and the season starts in like 2 months.

I skipped SSB 1 due to my ‘perceived’ fitness and the fact that this is my second year of structured training. I don’t believe that decision has hampered me or my training. I’d say do it.

It’s not recommended at all. The plans are designed to be followed in sequence and each one prepares you for the next. Base 2 MV for example contains a lot of threshold and Vo2 work that can be a big shock to the system.

If you won’t be using the plans for longer than two months then I would suggest the first two weeks of SSB1 then move into SSB2. Although that is based on not knowing your fitness and current training load

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