Ironman Training Companion - by PKRS.AI

Has anyone seen the new app that was released by Ironman? It’s this AI based app that falls in line more than having a personal coach (or team)…

It will generate a training plan (not that I’ll use it as I’m very comfortable with the TR plans), but also give you strength training and daily nutritional guidelines - along with taking all of your own daily metrics into consideration.

It’s EXPENSIVE though coming in at 90USD/month.

Is anyone using it at the moment? Thoughts?

That is cool, someone should do the trial and report back

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I’ll definitely be doing the 14 day trial when I’m back at training… I’ve just finished Ironman Western Australia last week, so still a bit tender to be hitting the training again. :slight_smile:

Maybe next week will be a good time to give this a go before doing another base block.

90 a month is cheap compared to the top coaches in the sport. This has the potential to be great but depends a good deal on the quality of the athlete-coach interactions (unless they are using bots for the 24/7 access which wouldn’t surprise me), how generic the plans are and how personalized they are. Since it is only 90 a month something tells me that the programs will be quite basic. That is not to say they will not work but rather they may not give you the most return on your time investment.

I would bet if two of us signed up for the free trial we would get similar programs

Yeah agreed… I’ve had a play with it for the last few days, and so far it seems like the following:

  • The bot is the 24/7 access (called the concierge) where you can basically record your metrics and make slight adjustments in terms of volume per workout. Very basic responses to what you type…
  • then, you have an allocated “real” person that will respond to your messages once per day regarding nutrition, strength work and a head coach…

I do believe the training plans will be pretty generic like you mention, and just be scaled according to your FTP or LT HR. Would be interesting to see if I sign up for a Full Distance, and you sign up for a Sprint, what variation would they have…

BUT, could be very helpful since it is all training related items are tied together in a single app. Maybe the 90USD is worth it? If you think about how much a coach, strength coach and nutritionist will cost you - then it’s great value for money! Depends how the interaction will be in the end.

Huge potential though…

Once TR has the AI planning up and running and swi/run auto uploads the price will no doubt go up substantially yet again. Stay grandfathered in :wink:


Can’t wait for the swim/run uploads!! Do we have any idea when that will be released? Are we still talking years away or months?