Ironman Plans for IronMan Tulsa

So I was a really big guy in the past. I have worked hard and half the man I was. I have been training for Ironman Tulsa 6 days a week. I decided to move from Zwift and just playing with some rides and move to trainerroad and bulk down. I noted that all the training plans are only 8 weeks.

Do they have longer ones?

At the moment I signed up for the half at a mid lvl for 8 weeks. then going to go to a full mid and just keep redoing it each 8 weeks. Does that sound good

The plans are in three stages, base, build and specialty so while the stock plan for each is 8 weeks (12 for FD base), if you string them altogether, it is 24 (or 28) weeks. If you use plan builder, it builds a plan for you depending on how much time you have until your event.

Definitely use plan builder. It will work back from your Tulsa date.

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You’re welcome over here:

Plenty of IM advice there :smiley: