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latest vlog up, tldr no adaptations in short power build so far after a week and one extra workout. I’m ok with that, don’t need to be level 10 vo2 just yet lol maybe under different conditions I’d find the workouts easier, but it was 82 degrees in my basement today so I think I’ve got a decent balance going with the workout difficulty and ambient conditions


I completed it and my hill worked really well. I was almost always starting the 45 second interval without a pause.

I didn’t get a struggle survey. When I looked to online it said missing response. So I answered the normal survey. But I haven’t gotten any bump in PL. should have gone from 4.6 to 5.2 on VO2max, though I was pretty well above target on all of the intervals. Will see if it updates later.

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Good point on AT accounting for the decay in PLs and adjusting the plan accordingly. Even though it was just one day I was curious what AT would do. Guess I’m “glad” I found unexpected behavior.

I experimented some more with adding Time Off annotations and deleting them and AT did not re-adjust the plan the way the support staff said it should. My plan is a bit of a mess now with some duplicate workouts. Once I get another set of adaptations I’ll know which ones are part of the plan and which ones I can delete.

Also, has anyone deleted their plan part way through and added a new one? Will AT automatically account for your current PLs and adjust the workouts accordingly?

I’ve seen AT do some similar odd things when I’ve added then deleted time off. The fix was ultimately to delete my plan and rebuild it from the original start date. I did report it all to TR Support.

I have currently been subject to week or so off shortly after starting a plan followed by a week of illness (for lack of a better category). So far AT has not changed much outside of deleting missed workouts. It may have tweaked my future ones, but I did not catch it. Today I did a TrainNow 30 min ride to ease back into it. I was going to delete it all and rebuild but decided to see how it handles my inability to currency comeplete the next couple weeks as planned.

@TimmyR , when you deleted your plan and rebuilt it, did AT account for your PLs and adjust your workouts accordingly from the start, or did you have to complete a few first?

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I probably did not look closely enough. I need to snapshot them everyday. But so far when they’ve changed its been by small amounts and seemed consistent.

I have NOT done a new Ramp Test since just after I started this plan the first week in May. I’ve had two 1-week or so breaks in training and I am still not able to ride full workouts. I am going to sub alternates for prescribed in lieu of just deleting it and using TrainNow. I’ll snapshot my PLs everyday going forward.

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Yes, but it won’t adapt the new plan until you complete the first workout or do a ramp test, so take a screenshot before you do it so you know what workouts you want to select as an alternates in the first workout.

I also found it did not update all the workout types in the first adaptation.

For example, I did a Progressive VO2max Alternate workout yesterday and it adapted my Tuesday VO2max workouts and the Wednesday Threshold workouts (Thursday in default plan). Today after completing after completing a Progressive Alternative of the Adapted Wednesday Threshold workout, it adapted my Friday Threshold workouts (Saturday by default).

After having to regenerate my PB plan in the weekend (my plan had disassociated itself from PB), I would say the plan (SSB MV2) is now fully adapted for where I am at PL wise after two workouts

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@TimmyR , @PotsieA , thanks! I deleted my plan and rebuilt it using Plan Builder. I checked back an hour later and it recommended two adaptations based on Progression Levels, prior to me completing any workouts, based on past performance (including yesterday’s ride where I struggled).


That’s great and good to know for another time. Next time I’ll delete and replace rather than forcing a rebuild by changing the A event date.

Quick question, I did a poor Ramp Test yesterday, so accepted the result, then manually changed the FTP to what I think (and intervals.icu confirms) is about right based on some outdoor rides.

I’ve an achievable anaerobic workout in the calendar, the alternates option doesn’t show any “productive” alternates, but I can manually find some within workouts. If I manually insert an alternative and delete the proposed one, will AT take this into account if/when achieved?

I’ll point you to one of my above posts that breaks it down. Essentially it will provide changes to progression levels but the workout you replace it with will not be subject to adaptations due to previous workout performance. In this case, the workout you’re adding in essentially is being treated like a stock plan (for the purpose of comparing it to my previous post).

So if this workout is more than a week out, I’d refrain from replacing it until the day you are doing the workout. If you replace it now, all the workouts you do between now and then will not trigger it to adapt if adaptations are warranted by AT.


thanks for that, it is planned for today, so all good I hope!

Sorry, if this has already been answered…
I will have several days next week where I will be riding outside and I plan to adjust to outside workouts. Unfortunately, I don’t have a PM on my gravel bike, so I plan to do the outside workouts using RPE. Does anyone if and how AT uses these workouts? Anything I need to consider in the types of workouts that I need to do (i.e. SS, VO2, etc.)?

No, those won’t be included in AT calculations.

The only ones working are outside workouts, run and recorded via Garmin, with power data AFAIK.

There is a new feature (available to those in AT beta) that you should setup anyway. No idea if/when it will actually be leveraged, but I figure it is worth turning on as of now.


Thanks @mcneese.chad

This was an issue but apparently its fixed now!

Sure, TSS calcs may be fixed. However, I don’t think that leads to it “working” with AT because it is TSS data, not “POWER” data.

AT needs power data, related to a planned workout (via Garmin only) for any function at this time. As such, even turning on that function will not lead to PL changes in AT from what I see.

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Sorry, thats what I meant, the TSS calcs were way off previously. I wasn’t alluding to it affecting AT as such, yet. :slight_smile:

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OK, I was confused, since I never mentioned the old bug (just the fact it isn’t working for AT PL changes).

Is the part in bold completely correct? Or is it just a bit ambiguously phrased.

I though it was slightly different/more simple - only future Plan Builder workouts will ever be adapted/modified by AT.

So if I schedule a bunch of additional workouts (or manually shuffle workouts, breaking the link to Plan Builder…), AT will never adjust those for me.

However, if I go in and do a TrainNow workout (say I have nothing scheduled and a bit of free time), this will still affect my PL, and AT may adapt future Plan Builder workouts based on my performance in the off-plan ride.

Basically, everything that TrainerRoad can “see” as a workout - that is to say anything completed in TR or on a Garmin head unit from TR (perhaps erratic) - will affect PL and therefore potentially trigger future adaptations on Plan Builder workouts.