🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Which is exactly what a couch should be assisting you with. AT is under-priced if it delivers that, which I have no doubts it will do.


I agree. I have only done one full “work” week in the AT so far, but the adaptions applied are notably better than the “default” TR plan that was in place.

I have a recovery week, then a new Ramp test and the first week of my official Build. I am interested to see how that and the following week work. I am hopeful the plan will change to allow me to successfully complete the 3:1 schedule compared to my prior 2:1 that was needed to follow the default TR plans.

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3 workout days and one off?

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Weeks, probably…

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An oxymoron


Yes, 3 work weeks to 1 recovery week, is the typical Build plan layout.

I adopted a 2:1 ratio that worked far better for my aging body.

I have a similar one for Base that was actually my entry into adding recovery weeks and altering the main plan layout.

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Just an update on how I’m using progressions in a mini block I’m doing. Last week I did Monadnock -1, rated a 5.1 VO2 workout (had 2min intervals at 120%), and today I did Givens -3, rated a 5.5 VO2 workout (2.5mins intervals at 118%). Got through it, the hurt really started to happen on the last interval. I think there’s something to be said about taking a workout that is rated slightly above the prior one and pushing oneself to finish, as opposed to trying to get through a more highly rated workout that is a big leap beyond prior efforts. So, at least in the context of planning my own workouts, I’m really digging the progressions


Saw an e-mail from TR this morning. Got really excited.

Saw it was their weekly newsletter. Got bummed out.


I forgot to see if “Get left out of the AT beta” was one of the 10 ways to get slower on your bike :smile:



@mcneese.chad, does this work when the original plan was set in Plan Builder? It seems when I tweak what’s there it tells me I can no longer make changes, and end up having to build a new plan with a modified start date to get me to where I am today – but not sure how I can modify going forward without having to do that again for a second mod.

No, my mods are not Plan Builder friendly. If you want to follow my alterations, it’s easiest to just add them via the old methods, not PB.

Anytime I tried using Plan Builder, it created more of a mess.

To powermatch means that you use the power data of your power meter to control the smart trainer resistance and get comparable data this way.

But if you don’t wan’t or can’t switch over the outside power meter for inside rides, that is not possible. I have the same thing as I use a hometrainer for inside and don’t want to switch power pedals all the time.

This could be a solution: https://www.fitfiletools.com
It allows you to take a fit file and adjust the power data with a fixed %, before uploading to TR.

And some power meters will allow you to adjust the slope so you can bring it more into line with the trainer. First job really is to get the outside power meter on the trainer and do a varied workout and record both separately and compare the power outputs of both. If you can adjust the slope of your power meter and bring it to within a reasonable difference of your trainer you can continue using separate bikes (and power meters) indoors and out. @dcrainmaker has a power file comparison tool on his website and quite possibly articles or videos on this whole topic. Hopefully someone else will chime in with more detail on the specifics.

Maybe. This is hard because not many people have this device. With new measurement devices, you get into a chicken/egg situation.

I think there’s lower hanging fruit at first to feed into the model.


Yes, this is what the survey response is for. You give an RPE response of 1-5.

This is really important for us to know. Imagine the changes that could happen if Palisade was a “5 - All out” vs a “1 - Easy”.

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Yes, this is built into the workout classifier and why we couldn’t just use average interval power.

We looked at a bunch of workouts with short power spikes and had a human classify them to the best of their ability. This taught the ML to recognize ones that is clear someone is hitting the prescribed goal even if they are off by a few seconds (usually due to device lag).


That is very insightful because they are the exact same level :smiley:.


We’re hoping to get levels out to everyone on Monday, March 15th 2021. This is subject to bugs and could be pushed out.