Interval Training Novice ( Advice Needed)

I’m brand new to TrainerRoad and cycling as a whole. I’m currently following a TrainerRoad designed plan for Crit races that has me working out 3 times a week, each work out being either 1 , 1.25 or 1.5 Hours. I’m following the program exactly in terms of in-ride instructions, power target matching and spin ups. I’m currently wrapping up my first week.

This question has probably been asked multiple times before but what is the overall advice on supplemental work outs? I feel as if i could train more, but will that be to my detriment? I’m aware that as the weeks go by, the TSS on each work out will increase. I appreciate any advice!

Are you doing any outside riding?

Nope! Still a bit cold where i live.

How new are you? Like, first week of the plan or a few months in? If weeks, then give it some time and see how you feel in a few weeks.
I would be careful adding but if you do, make it easy, like Z1-2 only.

What is your athletic history? New to cycling with no other background is very different than someone who has developed an understanding of how their body reacts to training.

Right now, go easy for supplemental. There are recovery rides listed. Try yoga as a supplemental. Stay limber and build the core. Not everything has to be done on the bike to get faster on the bike.

Just to be different, or in the smaller group, Id say stick to the level of training you are at right now. Since you mentioned you are new to cycling as well as training, know that the route that a lot of cyclist take when they get into the sport is to go out and ride, and ride hard, pushing as hard as you can for an hour, or somewhere around that time frame. And when you go out again, push hard again, then again.

It sets up your physiological structure to always be redlined and not having a very good foundation of fitness. Its better than doing nothing for sure and you can argue its probably a bit more fun than what it really takes for the human body to adapt to endurance performance.

So, be that cycling outlier and stick to the discipline of staying within the lower end of your limit for now. And then work on going longer at the lower pace. Do that for a while.

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I would add a one hour endurance ride 1 to 2 times a week if you feel you can handle extra load. Or add one 2 hour endurance ride.

I would also put your back to back rides on the weekend since most of the time people have less stress on the weekend.

Average but steady athletic history. I’ve been active in multiple different sports throughout my life, never at a high level. Mostly Baseball, Football and Basketball. I’m 25 and the last few years have been a combination of weight-lifting and basketball.

Another shout for endurance rides. Don’t fall into the trap of them becoming harder than they should be. 50-60% of FTP is more than enough- chuck on GCN+ or Netflix and forget all your troubles.

I would just stick to it as is. IME the first week or two always feels easy. Then it starts to catch up to me and I realize the load is just right.

If you really insist on adding more work, keep it lower intensity. Tracking on extra low stress (60% FTP) to the end of your longest rides will help with both muscular endurance and aerobic endurance.

But as a new rider you might also get some discomfort due to not being used to so much saddle time and/or bad bike fit

Another vote for z2. Stick to 2-3 intensity days (SST and above) and supplement with Z2. If you want go harder do 3-4h of Z2. You will see huge improvements in the aspects you would never expect (like 1 min power).