TrainerRoad workout and then riding outdoors in one day?

Would it be too much training if I do a Saturday trainer road workout, for example SSB “Hunter” at 2 hours, in the morning, and then ride outside at slow long distance? October is still nice to ride, and I would like to be on the bike as much as I can before the weather really turns too cold for me. I don’t have a powermeter on my bike, and even if I were to get one I usually don’t look at my Garmin that often. Therefore, I may not be able to do the intervals closely to the workout if I try to emulate a TrainerRoad workout outdoors. Riding outdoors is mainly a pleasure spin for me after racing season, and before the weather turns too cold to ride at all.

I’ve done this a bunch of times and find I can really only get away with the extra TSS on top of the high volume plans during base. When I have to do threshold or VO2 max work then adding in extra stress tends to put me a bit too deep in the hole, but when it is just more base time or more sweet spot time I’m fine with what you describe.

Everyone is different though - it’s possible you aren’t near your limits at your current TSS/week and can easily add this in for every phase.

For reference my current 6 week average TSS is 655 and will be getting up towards 700 over the next two weeks. I’m currently in base and have no issues carrying this kind of volume at these intensities. However, when I get north of 650 average in build I really struggle to hit my interval targets (or so it was last year - hopefully this year that limit is raised up a bit)


I routinely do TR workout indoors, 1.5-2 hours, then jump on my bike and go for another 1.5-2 hours outside. I tend to keep the outdoor ride at an endurance pace. But this is a good way to build TSS. It’s also helpful during the winter when it’s dark and cold outside, but warms up once the sun rises. I’ll knock out my quality interval work indoors instead of suffering through sub-freezing temps in the dark. Then go outside and log some endurance miles when the sun is up and it’s slightly warmer. The strategy applies here as well. Just make sure you do your quality interval work first, then log the base miles afterwards. And keep track of your weekly TSS and make sure you’re not doing too much too soon.


Yup, I have done a slower ride outside both before and after a TR interval workout. I have also done two-a-days, where you do your hard interval session in the morning, fuel up afterward and rest for 4+ hours, then do an easier outdoor ride for endurance training.

I have been able to do this during my base phase and off season. During mid to high volume build or specialty I am normally to thrashed to want to spin more! However, if you’re body can handle it then by all means go for it.

It sounds like you are in offseason and several times TR podcast has mentioned offseason is a time to restimulate the joy of riding a bike and refresh from racing season. I say continue to enjoy the good weather outdoors and if you feel it is taking away from your ability to hold power targets during the week then adjust power down on workouts or do minus version of Saturday morning workout to maximize outdoor ride. Just my two cents.

I am doing the opposite of some of you. I am currently 7 weeks out of spinal fusion surgery. I go for the outdoor ride in the morning. Then I gauge how I feel to decide which ride I will do indoors in the afternoon. I don’t want to overdo the indoor first and then really suffer (and maybe have to call for a ride) on the road. I’m still in the “I don’t know how much I can do right now” mode.