Interesting Ramp Test experience today

Hey all-

So today I had to face the Ramp Test for the second time while using TR.

I started a mid-volume half-distance triathlon plan on October 30th, at that point clocking my FTP at 279. I’ve been following the training plan almost to a t, only missing a few workouts because of some physical problems. All cycling workouts on TR, as well as the brick (bike-run) workouts have been smooth for me. (Sure enough VO2 max. workouts like Baird were tricky.)

After completing Base 1, Build is kicking off today with a Ramp Test.

Unfortunately, my attempt totally sucked. I wasn’t strong and finished on an FTP of… 256. I got upset but had to recover quickly because of a work call.

I then decided to go at it again. I wasn’t ready to accept an FTP decrease of 23 Watts after putting so much hard work and dedication into the training plan.

I did the Ramp Test again, telling myself that ‘‘Sure, it’s only a number reflecting your current physique’’, even willing to accept that if a similar result came out, I would set my FTP lower. Also telling myself that it’s not smart to attempt again, given the fact that I did put in work in the first attempt - despite it failing.

I finished with an estimated FTP of 296.

Yeah! :smile:

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Thats what happens you are not ready to do the test with a positive metal model.

Your second effort , had you motivated. And showed the impact of TR workouts.

Well done :slight_smile:


It can and often happens I reckon to more than want to admit. If you’re not near your 100% mentally then it’ll be tough to dig that deep.
Well done on toughing it out again. :grin:


Thanks! Was such a relief when I performed so much better the second time.

Some additional info on attempt #1:

  • Heart rate was ridiculously high right at the start and even worse so after a few ramps - guess I was nervous
  • I shifted my gears a lot, which I decided not to do at attempt #2 and just go with ERG mode (worked well)

Edit: perhaps, indeed, it was silly to shift gears at all in a Ramp Test