Intensely annoying responses by TR staff

I’m trying to compose this as best as I can and I do know that to some people I won’t succeed so I apologise up front.

I realise that sometimes there is a corporate approved response on forums but I thought that here it was a more in tune with your customers approach.

On the Microsoft forums there is a “perky” response that never really answers the original post and is ignored and the old time users answer the questions instead. The corporate forum people are ignored.

Without pointing fingers this seems to have been happening here over the past few weeks.

Has anyone else noticed this is or an I being a complete **“”“”.?

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I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. But tbh, a bit more detail might make it more clear as to what is annoying you.

People here seem pretty genuine


Any response by TR staff to a question by a forum member.

Ah ok. No, I’ve found them pretty neutral / normal. Recently had a question of mine answered regarding Apple Health integration. Not happy I still have to wait but it sounds pretty much like a human.`


I find the staff responses super helpful and interesting.


Here’s @SarahLaverty sounding like a real human with real advice the other day:

Here’s @IvyAudrain doing the same:

The CEO being aggressively and unnecessarily transparent about pricing because transparency is important to him:

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t. If the content of their replies bothers you, reply and tell them how to do better. If the perkiness bothers you, maybe go get some fresh air.


That’s interesting because over the past week or so they are not posts that I’ve been reading.

It’s the initial response to new posts that I’m commenting on

Cold air doesn’t help with perkiness imo.


eh i don’t really see the forum as a main connection for TR and the staff (like other company product forums)

Ivy is the community manager but the forum is more for the rest of us to BS and chat

If you have specific TR related questions I would email or chat support - the rest of us will happily give you our opinions on things


Just head straight to that “Keegan and the WT” post :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m annoyed by inflation. And how Microsoft Word handles ctrl-shift-leftArrow and uses the wrong numbering format. And having to do another workout in 93 degree heat this afternoon… its October already!


The forum isnt the best place for directly speaking to staff, email is the best way. The forum is a bunch of smart misfits helping each other.


I think you are gonna have to give examples, because no one seems to have noticed anything (I certainly haven’t) and I have always found the direct responses form the TR team to be very helpful.


aw man you know when you’re in a Bash terminal and you start typing and realize you typed this recently so you ctrl+r to find that in your history but it doesn’t just search what you already typed so you have to like escape out and then backspace and THEN ctrl+r and THEN type your thing? intensely annoying.



uhh this is a zsh forum pshhhh


don’t get me started… 35+ years of pecking away in a *nix terminal and forgetting which shell I’m using.

And forgetting how to politely ask…

WindWarrior@sshgw:~$ shell

Command ‘shell’ not found, did you mean:

command ‘jshell’ from deb openjdk-11-jdk-headless
command ‘bshell’ from deb avahi-ui-utils
command ‘qshell’ from deb qtile
command ‘shelr’ from deb shelr
command ‘spell’ from deb spell
command ‘pshell’ from deb python-pyramid

Try: apt install

senior moments… how could I forget that.



Yo yo yo Cntl R = refreshes the page

Learned something new today


Look back on new forum posts where a a TR member of staff has replied in several paragraphs and not really answered the question.

Me, too!

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