Help us improve TrainerRoad! (Survey)

We need your help! :slight_smile:

We’re working on some updates to TrainerRoad and need opinions and perspectives from:

  1. People who actively use TrainerRoad
  2. People who have used TrainerRoad in the past, but no longer do
  3. People who know what TrainerRoad is, but don’t use it.

The more responses the better, so please send this to your friends if they fall into one of the above categories!

Survey link:


Survey completed, plus tweeted


Did it :face_with_monocle:

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Done. :writing_hand:

(The questions are very ‚simple‘. Don‘t know how they can help to make TR better.)

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Done :white_check_mark: :hugs: :biking_man:t2:‍♂

Answered :slight_smile:

I completed the survey, but some issues I found:
1 what are the units? Years? Months?
2 what is meant by ‘objections’? whose objections? mine? my partner’s?


Can I ask what is the purpose of the survey?

I completed it and I am not sure how you are going to use the data.

I joined for to get fitter/faster/recover from injury/train over winter doesn’t tell you if I like the product, whats working, whats not, whats missing.

Would I recommend this to a friend, am I happy, am I looking at other products…etc etc

This will give you meaningful insight. Otherwise you are might think everything is great and the kool aid tastes awesome.

edit: You have a very engaged user base. Something to be very proud of. I would recommend using them as much as possible.



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The questions are…strange. You could answer anything to these questions. I dont think the answers will help you. :man_shrugging:t2:


I had the same reaction. This is great for providing testimonials (which is fine) but not so much for evolving the product unless there’s a specific gap in “what do you use TrainerRoad for” you’re thinking of filling.


My guess is that it seems strange because we’re users already. I’ll bet the questions for potential clients are different.

I too had no idea what was meant by “objections”. You might want to clarify that one guys.

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That was a strange and very short questionnaire. Not sure what you could possibly gain from my feedback in order to “Help us improve TrainerRoad”.


Very strange survey…not sure what that will help you with.


Did the survey. Agree that it was a little odd. I’m a digital product guy (design and lead development teams), and i’d be happy to a do a skype or call or whatever if you’re trying to “listen to your users”. You’ve got a great product that i love. I’ve helped at least 5 other bike nerds get on the platform. Congrats on building a great tool!!!


Done!.. um… do we get anything for replying here that we did it? Or is this just tracking us and seeing were it goes?


This is to help us with a marketing site revamp and our advertising.

We want to know what stopped people from signing up and what made others sign up. We’re going to look for common themes for both users and non users.

We then try to address the things why people didn’t sign up right on our marketing site and reinforce the reason why someone signed up.

For example, people have told me they didn’t sign up for TrainerRoad because they thought they had to do all of their rides inside. Our current site doesn’t mention that you don’t have to do 100% of your rides inside (and no one does). That’s probably something we should address.