Integrating century rides in build and specialty plan


Previous week I started the mid volume sustained power built plan (followed by the century plan) and have my A-race planned on May 19.

During this cycle i’m planning to participate in 4 to 5 tours of the Spring classics/Ardennes classics (= cyclos) during the weekends:

  • The distance will range from 140-180 km (90-115 miles) and 1600-3200 m elevation gain (estimated time of the rides are 4-5 hour)
  • These rides aren’t timed events but on some hills and the last 20 miles me and my friends like to compete with each other ( so it’s not a full blown race but there will be hard parts)

Below you can find some examples of the rides I did last year (I don’t own a powermeter) :

I know this isn’t exactly the most efficient and best training method but I love to ride these cyclos.

How do I integrate these ride into my build and specialty plan? I don’t think it will be sufficient to only skip the sunday ride (± 125 tss compared to 275 tss).


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Looks like you may be best to skip the Saturday ride from Mid Vol along with the Sunday swap. Just in pure TSS that makes sense anyway.


This is what I would recommend as well. Maybe just spin easy for 30 minutes on Saturday instead of the scheduled ride so that you can keep you legs spinning leading into your big ride on Sunday :+1:


Thanks for the clear answers!

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