Training Program to Support Outdoor Rides


I’m currently doing Sustained Power Build LV, after having done Sweet Spot I and II LV. I’m going on to the Century training plan, also Low Volume.

Once that is finished, it will be spring and I’ll be out on the road. I have signed up for the Cascade Training Series, which the Cascade Bicycle Club organizes to help people get ready for the Seattle to Portland ride, which is 200 miles over two days.

The Cascade Training Series is a set of 13 rides, on Saturdays, with TSS ranging from 200 to 350. It works us up to a Century ride by week 12.

What training do you recommend I do during the week as Active Recovery and Maintenance?


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I would restart a base/build/speciality cycle once your current plan ends.
Maybe take a week off and jump back in with Sweet Spot Base II, Build then as much of Speciality you can get through. (don’t forget the final taper week)
Possibly even do a general build if you want to mix up the workouts and keep it fresh.

Try and do 2 the core workouts (highest TSS) on fe. Tuesday and thursday, with the easier of them on thursday. Then the trainingride Saturday.
If you can …Even try do all 3 workouts + the trainingride , depending on available time and fatigue/recovery.
If you want to ride outside more, try and do the most specific workout for that week on the trainer. (So over/under or VO2max) and do the sweetspot one outside.

Do honour the ramptest on the weeks it is planned.
Swap it around to later in the week if you don’t feel fresh after a hard saturday but don’t skip it.
Do honour the recovery weeks as well, even if a ride falls during one.
Cut the TSS back a bit before and after so u don’t slog on with excessive fatigue.

Hmmm what else…?
These are trainingrides, so dont bury yourself. Being trashed and off the bike for a week won’t do your fitness any good.
If you want to bury yourself…do it in the last days before a recovery week, not at the start of a work block.

Basically try and keep a steady but gradual TSS ramp.
Listen to your body+life and adjust down or up as needed.
And find a balance between the most effective training and maximum enjoyment riding outside.

If you keep that up till late august you’ll be fitter than ever!

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