Introducing longer rides into my low volume plan

My end goal is training for a century. I’m currently in sustained power build low volume week 2. I’ve have done a few 40 mile rides outside in my base phase and noticed I’m not as comfortable outside as I was. Seeing as all my rides are now 60-90min. Even looking at the speciality phase there still isn’t 4+ hour rides but I’d like to start introducing rides with time in the saddle. My race is still on for June 28th. How would I best implement extra rides to work to a century? I was thinking start with 35-40mile rides at 65% ftp (about what I’ll be riding the century at) and add 5 miles every other week until I cap at 60-70mile rides. Any other suggestions?

ladder up the time every weekend:

  • 3 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 7 hours

Don’t need to go that long on a recovery week. Work on your hydration and fueling strategy.

I am also working my way up to a century. Last year, I did 130km max, this year it will be 160km, eg, a century.

What I do is, I do build mid volume. I keep VO2 and Threshold, which helps me go faster / higher my FTP. And I swap out SSB and some trainings in the weekend to ride outside and focus on endurance.

For now, I have planned that every saturday or sunday from now on I do this:
75 km → 90 km → 115km → 130km → in rest week: 145km and 160km.

For me it is not about hours, but about the distance.

I am aiming somewhere between endurance and tempo, so a little bit higher than what you are suggesting I think.

As well as distance and saddle time I recommend considering elevation, climb length and maximum gradient.

If you can build a similar (or greater) elevation gain into rides in the build up that is great, especially if you can incorporate similar lengths and gradients.

Personally my struggle with my first century (RideLondon) was just how flat it was and always seeming to be on the front of groups. I barely got to sit up and move about on the bike apart from the climbs which actually came as quite a relief. The 4 or so hours either on hoods or drops wad the challenge! Good fit and form needed here.