Recovery from achillles rupture

Hi - around 10 weeks ago I ruptured my right achilles tendon and (after going through a non-op/conservative treatment for it) am looking to recover some of the training and performance losses. Has anyone used TR to help do this and does anyone have any tip?

I’ve lost a good deal of muscle mass from the calf, and I’m slowly trying to build up strength in the leg and not yet sure about putting too much force through it (I’m going to be riding seated for another 2 months yet).

Sorry to hear about your injury. I ruptured mine in 2015 but went the surgical route. My recovery was actually what got me back into cycling but I didn’t use TR at the time.

My biggest tip for getting back on the bike is to move your seat down and either get a mid foot cleat or use flat pedals with your heel/midfoot on the pedal. If you can take your toes/forefoot out of the equation you will be at a point where you can get started without putting pressure on your healing tendon. I wouldn’t put too much pressure on your toes until your Dr. gives the okay.

You probably won’t be able to do a decent ramp test so I would just lower my FTP by around 25% and do low zone 2 to start. Maybe the traditional base plan if you want to follow something. I would monitor heart rate and if it gets out of where zone 2 normally is for you then lower FTP further.

Good luck with your recovery.

Ruptured my achilles tendon years ago. I went with the surgery.
Other than physiotherapy and all its associated exercises I found that swimming was good and encouraged by my doctor/physiotherapist early on.

I also found that indoor rowing was a great way to stay in shape. As soon as I was able to put weight on my foot with the “moon boot”, rowing was not an issue for me.

Getting back in shape and ready for mountainbiking again took a bit of time, but it happened and have no issues today!
Good luck!

Serious question … Can you really recover from an Achilles rupture without surgery? Are we really talking about a complete tendon rupture here?

I’ve had two ruptures and two surgeries. Never heard of such a conservative treatment.

Yes, multiple very good studies (peer reviewed) have shown near identical results with operative and non-operative treatment. The only real difference is a small increases risk for re-tear in the non-surgical patients.

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I had surgery for mine about 5 years ago. 2 weeks in cast, 3 months in boot. No left calf remained and left quad 10cm less circumference than right and its not like the right leg hadn’t shrunk! Also 6kg heavier :frowning: Then physio just to walk without a limp. First 4 weeks back on the bike I had to ride real easy (old pre-injury Z1 and no standing) but that still helps break up scar tissue. I could only do 2 hours then it got too sore.

After that I could ride normally but still couldn’t stand (calf too weak). Did 5 x 2h rides per week (too sore to go longer). After 6 weeks of that and my left quad had recovered size wise. Could race after 3 months at close to original level. After 6 months I could stand again and had recovered power. Left calf is still a bit thin today and I sometimes notice that on the MTB but not on road.