Infrared clothing anyone?

Hi has anyone had any expereince of using Infared technology clothing?

Lot’s of bold statements that if true are a bit of a ‘why wouldn’t you’ moment.

Fit for an emporer?


:grimacing: :wink: exactly ! or am i missing something

uhm so it´s essentially an insulator/heater? Why would I wanna wear that? I´m sweaty enough as is.
Oh btw do you know what else absorbs visible light and emits some of it as infrared, as they claim their cloths do? Literally any black clothing lol


Infrared energy = heat

Basically, they say their clothing keeps you hot.

From their website

“These minerals are selected for their ability to absorb otherwise wasted energy from the wearer and surrounding light. The energy is then converted into a targeted region of the infrared light spectrum, which causes an array of positive biological effects.”

Sounds like a marketing gimmick for clothing. The theory seems in line with red light therapy (which may or may not have some therapeutic benefits).

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