Far infrared sauna and heat acclimatization

i listened to a TR podcast where sauna heat after workouts was discussed.
Are the far infrared sauna effective for athletes? is it a waste of time?

I’m doing IMAZ in a month so it’s sauna time. I just tried a far infra red sauna for 30min at max temps (150F) and it didn’t make me sweat !?!? not even close. I had done a 45min hill run prior in the 60s and jumped in ~30min after getting home as it’s my first time using my wife’s portable 1 person IR mini-sauna and it had to be set up. Coach Chad said that it’s best to jump right in right after working out. Next time, I’ll jump in right after completing workout to see if it makes me continue to sweat. When I use a dry heat sauna (Scandinavian hotels have those) I sweat like a pig in couple minutes.