Infrared Sauna recommendations

Hey everyone! looking to add an infrared sauna for home use. If you have experience with any of them what are thoughts recommendations?

Second this, looking at Sunlighten and hearing Costco has some good options, but not sure really how to evaluate. To quote @Nate_Pearson I don’t want to buy it twice.

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We bought ours from Rocky Mountain Sauna and are happy with it. Two person, no bike or yoga sauna sessions but they have bigger. We did that because of size and plugs in to a standard US outlet for power. The company is veteran owned and offers discounts to other vets. Easy to work with and shipped direct to the house.


I went the Costco route with mine last year. Did the three person, which is really perfect for two people. I did have to have an electrician install an outlet. Its still 110volt but needs a special plug.

Costco delivered and the driver put the pallet in my garage. It was a two person job to move the parts/panels to my basement and then my neighbor and I assembled it in 1 - 2 hours.

I’ve been super happy with it and it works as advertised. On days I use it, I use turn it on before a training session so it is nicely pre-heated by the time I’m done. I tend to mainly use it right after workouts. Super convenient to have at home.

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After doing some research online, and listening to podcast, I ended up going with the clearlight premium is3 sauna. He got some of the best reviews for low EMF in quality infrared ceramic heating elements.

Is that “Near Infrared” or “Far Infrared”? Why did you choose one over the other?

For interested folks based in Europe I can recommend Physiotherm. They have a range of IR saunas for private and more commercial use.