Indoor Ramp and Outdoor 20 min Test on consecutive days

I’m planning on executing a 20 min outdoor test the day after every scheduled indoor ramp test as I start to build up longer and longer outdoor rides in prep for a Full Distance Tri next year. I’m experiencing the common 15% (30ish watts) higher outdoor ftp so i’m keen to make sure my numbers are right if i’m executing an outdoor workout. (+1 for a Outdoor FTP setting)

Anyone else doing something similar? Good idea? I think the TSS of the Ramp is low enough that it shouldn’t skew results of the 20 min test too much but I’ve yet to actually put this into practice.

The ramp test TSS may be low , but you are going to attempt to push past 136% of your FTP and its about 6min 30sec above threshold. So you will need to do good cooldown.
The other thing maybe massage well too to relax the legs.
The day after test is also a different protocol, You are going to try pacing for 20 min, the variables for outdoor FTP, Weather (Temp) how windy, … You know the rest. Time trial basically. You are now going to sustain 105%++ of FTP for 20min, different mental approach required.

I certainly interested , what the outcome of the back to back testing. I know coach chad has said the Ramp test does not take that much out of you. I know TT effort takes a lot out of me so the test may be different.

I think there’s a YouTube video of a GCN presenter doing an FTP test every day for 7 days and I think he might have even got his best towards the end. Good luck :+1: