Incorporating weekly crit races into training plan


Apologies if this question has been asked and answered but my searches did not come up with anything relevant.

So I want to start a high volume plan to train for an event next year (230km road race) but I would like to do my local weekly crit race which is on every Tuesday and also the occasional Sunday crit race. How should I go about planning my training with this is in mind? Should I just substitute the Tuesday workout for the crit race, do the work out in the morning and still do the crit race in the afternoon (pretty sure this wouldn’t be best to do) or plan my training around the weekly crit races?

The races are usually 30-35mins and small handicap races so most of the time I’m at Sweet spot/Threshold for the whole race. Looking back at last seasons races TSS was around 50-60.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.

I have been doing this throughout our summer crit series. Use plan builder and put in all your weekly crits as C race events. Plan builder should then substitute your Tuesday workout for the event. The rest of your plan will pretty much stay the same. I wouldn’t try doubling up a workout and a race on the same day.

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