Plan Building for 5 week block for 2 very different Events

So I did my first crit last week and have the bug now. There is a big crit race coming up in 4 weeks, which is the week before my A Event which happens to be a 40KM TT. I really wanted to have a good crack at it.

I am currently working on closing out the 40KM TT Speciality Phase.

I am looking for some coaching guidance here as I wanted to sharpen my legs up a bit for the Crit race. Do you think:
a. Stick to the TT plan and don’t change anything
b. Sprinkle in some speciality phase rides from the crit plan e.g. some high intensity VO2 max intervals and over/under
c. Change the plan up to the crit plan
d. take up CX racing instead :slight_smile:

I have been training for several years now with structured training through TR and am fairly fit at 42 at around 3.7 watts per kg.

So post didn’t get much of a response :joy:

I do want to share some of my experiments with you all just in case you experience the same thing.

Firstly, Plan builder is awesome! There’s a couple things that stood out for me when planning for a 5 week duration with 2 very different events a week apart - state crit and state TT.

  1. Just coming off a rest week it stuck another rest week after the first weeks block. I don’t think I needed that so I filled it with another week of build that I copied from the generic general build plan
  2. Plan builder put another ramp test after the first rest week and I swapped that day for a proper workout
  3. Given I am doing a crit first one week and then TT the following I chose for Medium Volume Build and tweaked plan builder by selecting Rolling Road Race as my A event to get a mix of high intensity short bursts plus some endurance work.
  4. I substituted a Saturday workout for a race simulation crit - Nevada I think it’s called. Given I haven’t done many crits and I want some sims to get me used to the short sharp bursts and then settling into some painful endurance
  5. Plan builder is so good. It Did my race openers also but I switched the rolling road race versions for the Crit and TT editions that plan builder gives

Choose your own adventure y’all